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    I hunted on both days this weekend with my muzzle loader and on sunday morning we were setting up a drive. So I was sitting on the drive and just got to my spot. Immediately there were three does coming to me so I sat down and waited til they got with in 20 yards and let one fly. I hit the biggest doe in the front shoulder and she jumped the fence. I stayed on post til I seen the drivers because I had no doubt that she was down. Well we start tracking her with great blood and end up going two hundred yards. We let her go for an hour to give her some time. Got back on the track and she was crossing a river about every 50 yards. Just zig zagging all over and still losing lots of blood. eventually she ended up jumping off a low head dam into the ice. From there not a trace of her. I tracked her from 930am-3pm ended up going home really upset. Finally at 4pm my son and I went back to look. I had one more area to search. Well to my surprise we see a deer head pop up out of a brush pile and go back down. I thought there she is finally. Anyway I shot it but it was a buck with shed antlers. I got it checked in and hung it and found a muzzy sticking out of his neck. Also what looks to be a broadhead in his rump anyway the whole deer is infected. I am glad to put him out of his misery but I just do not think this is the deer I hit. So back to square one and still cannot find any sign after she jumped into the ice. Sorry for the long story but has anyone ever lost a deer that had jumped into ice covered water or any ideas what she might have done?
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    check the swamp

  3. WOW. You are to be commended. My guess is, she is under the ice. For every one's safety, leave her there.
  4. On an overcast, darkly lit evening, I shot at a buck with my xbow and trailed it to an (open) pond. The blood was very sparse and it stopped at the pond's edge. Since it was getting dark, I marked the spot and came back next morning to continue to look for it. I eyeballed it to where it might have come out directly across the pond and went over to check for blood there. On my hands and knees, I was able to find a couple tiny specs on some frosted grass where I thought it had come out. It was so pale, I had to touch it with a piece of tissue paper to discern it was blood. I followed it up the hill into a cut corn field and noticed the last tiny blood spec I found was where an ear of corn had been chewed on. That buck was only lightly grazed across his brisket(the farmer later told me they harvested the buck-same description- during the gun season with a freshly healed scab on it's chest!) That deer seemed to instinctively know that by swimming across the icy pond, it would help to close the wound and stop the bleeding. Sounds like that's exactly what your deer did what with the river and all.
  5. That is strange i hunt with a group of guys and a buddy of mine shot a big doe. But come to find out it was a buck who had shed his antlers. The interesting thing is the deer had a piece of arrow and broadhead sticking out of its neck right below the ear. This deer was totally infected and gang green was set in. I want to know why would you ever shoot a deer in the neck with a bow and arrow.
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    Dont feel bad had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. 3 does had come into my area but were looking right at me straight ahead, the shot wasnt that far so I picked one out and shot she fell and got up then rolled I mean rolled down a big hill to the bottom. There was lots of blood when we were tracking and when she stopped it was all over the place but never did find that deer. The next year my friend shot a doe with a big swollen front leg and shoulder not far from the area that I had shot. Not sure if it was the same deer but you never know.

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    Took my son out today for a walk behind the house to look one last time for my missing deer. I figured since the rain broke up all the ice that she may have washed up. So about 200 yards down stream of the low head dam there is a tree down and sure enough there she was. Bedded right inside the pile but the yotes had beat me to her. She must have stayed in the water the whole time. I had to have walked within 30 yards of her several times. My shot was at to much of an angle. Looks like it went into shoulder and exited the brisket. The whole thing just twists my nuts.