One last nice weekend?

Discussion in 'The Camp Fire' started by auglaizewader, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Just bought a used STARCRAFT pop-up. Great shape, especially for a 98. Thinking about sneaking out this weekend. The weather is supposed to be in the 60's during the day (at least in the western part of the state). Gotta play with the new toy. Hopefully I can get the furnace fired up.
  2. i was thinking of heading to hueston woods for the final time this year. going to be cool at night for tent camping though. we'll see

  3. I plan on making a final camping trip this weekend, hopefully it doesnt get to cold
  4. did anyone get out? it was kind of chilly
  5. Two weeks ago we stayed out at my folks place by their pond. The nights were a little chilly, but this weekend would have been awefully cold. I put the camper in storage this weekend.

    Hoping to put some serious time up around Erie next summer.
  6. well i put all my camping gear in the attic for the winter today .highlights of 2008 was i caught my weight in yellowbelly's at kiser lake and slept through a hurricane in a tent at country concert 2008.the countdown starts for memorial day weekend. thats always my 1st camping trip of the year and that weekend i always go to kiser lake.