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  1. Good picture I recognize that fella!

    I for one don't like the lift on Blue Cats. It just provides another opportunity for people to tote around large fish for no purppose other than bragging rights and another opening for pond stockers, etc. The blues are fun to catch and you could never convince me that somebody needs to eat them - plenty of channels around. Yes, I have had blue cat in SC before and I know some people prefer it, but I would rather see the blues stay on the no possesion immediate release list.

    I'm sure many others will disagree, but that is my opinion.

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    I tend to agree with you to a point. Why not have a spot in the record books? There is one for bluegills. There does need to be some strict rules regarding sizes and catch limits I believe.
  3. LOL Carl that kinda freeked me out when I clicked the link;) I also would like to keep seeing all blues released.
  4. This weekend on "Inside the Great Outdoors" radio show, Reno and I will be discussing this topic... I spoke to him today and asked if a blue cat caught from a paylake would be eligible for state record status...

    Personally, and this is my own opinion and based on nothing but my own twisted mindset, I think paylakes should be exempt from record eligibility. Opens up a can of worms though concerning private ponds or lakes, because a few records come from those types of water as well... Myself, I always thought the state record designations for fish should ALL come from public waters...not private or pay lakes. It sure would level the playing field...
  5. hey wheres doc?, you want to fish on the first?! see how long that record stands
  6. From what I read you can not submit a blue cat from a pay lake. And from the way it is worded it would have to be caught in public waters. So my biggest question is why only the is the blue cat excluded from private waters. I agree with only public waters that is a great Idea. But shouldn't it be even across all the species?

    *Fish will only be accepted from anglers with a valid Ohio fishing license caught from the main stem of the Ohio River within the state borders, any state of Ohio tributary, or from the shoreline of the Ohio side, or any Ohio public lake. Fish from "pay lakes" are not eligible. Fish caught from a Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia shoreline or tributary will not be accepted. A copy of the fishing license must accompany the application.
  7. no species is eligible from a paylake, they need to make that very clear with blues because there are so many paylakes and private lakes that have been stocked with fish from paylakes(same thing more or less). i think it would be wrong for someone to get the record from a pond that they put a 70lb blue in they took from a paylake. blues cannot reproduce in a one acre farm pond and then grow to 50lbs, its impossible, i think they made a very clear and fair distinction for this big water species. personally i think all records should be from public waters, private waters can be stocked and managed to grow very large specimens of certain species, maybe the dnr has changed it for all species now, i will check up on that.
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    I like the fact that the record books are now open for the Blues, I don't like it because now I just look for a lot of prime stock to be destroyed to be able to get there name on the books.

    CJ Brown has some big Blues in it as I catch them during the winter months, they have never been stocked so I assume they came from Beaver Lake, and those fish had come from the Ohio River but there is a good stock of them in CJ as I catch a lot of yearling's during the winter months, Blues that are barely a pound. I'm not sure if there is a 45 inch fish in that lake but there are plenty of 20+ pound fish in there.

    My best Blue from Ohio waters was 37 Pounds from the Ohio river at New Richmond and I caught it in January of this year and it wouldn't have made the 45 inch min. so it's going to take a decent fish to hit the record book. Most of the Blues that I have caught in Ohio waters are a short and fat bodied fish but down in Indiana those fish are long and thin bodied.

    I almost always go fishing on New Years day, but if I catch a good one I would insist that the Biologist meet me at the river for conformation of the species, and I don't think that will happen, and everyone knows me well enough that I won't kill good breeding stock just to get my name on record, I look for a lot of frozen fish to be checked in as I saw that under the rules that you could do that, normally I don't carry my huge livewell in the boat during the winter because I release fish right after I catch them unless I'm in a tournament. My new livewell is a great temporary home for fish as I have it plumbed up for 6 huge fish to be stored in it.

    For many years we have been catching a lot of Blues and I never did understand why they were on the endangered species list as I have always targeted them since 1994, but that was mainly on the Ohio River.

    With West Virginia's aggressive stocking program in about 10 years we are going to see some real big fish on the Ohio river at least Ohio and West Virginia don't allow the commercial harvest of fish on the Ohio River so those areas will see some real good fish in years to come, once they move down river into the Kentucky area then the commercial fishermen will load up, granted the dams will slow them down but during high water and floods the fish have a tendency to move downriver.

    I really think that some one from this board will have that record because a lot of us on this board fish for them.........Doc
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    What I also think you'll see if folks catching Blues in IN waters, then bringing them to OH waters to be checked in claiming they were caught in OH.
  10. Here are some additional rules to the "Blue Cat" category...

    REVISED 12/7/07

    Regulations for potential new Ohio State record Blue Catfish.

    *No entries will be accepted for Blue Catfish caught before January 1, 2008. All potential record fish must be caught legally using a rod & reel. Fish caught from bank lines, trot lines, jug lines, nets, snagged, grabbing, or other methods will not be accepted.

    *All potential state record Blue Catfish are required to be weighed on state or county certified scales in front of two witnesses, whose name, address, phone number, and signature, must accompany the application.

    *All potential state record Blue Catfish must be examined by a fisheries biologist from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife.

    *A clear photograph showing the fish must also accompany the application.

    *Fish will only be accepted from anglers with a valid Ohio fishing license caught from the main stem of the Ohio River within the state borders, any Ohio side tributary, or from the shoreline of the Ohio side, or any Ohio public lake. Fish from “Pay Lakes” are not eligible. Non-residents will be eligible for Ohio state record fish recognition providing they have a valid non-resident fishing license at the time the fish was caught. No fish caught from any Kentucky, Indian, Pennsylvania or West Virginia Ohio River tributary will be accepted, nor will any fish be accepted if caught from an Ohio River shoreline other then Ohio’s. A copy of the fishing license must accompany the application.

    *The minimum length for any Blue Catfish entered into the state record fish list must be 45 inches in length.

    Tom Cross, Chairman

    Outdoor Writers of Ohio State Record Fish Committee
  11. like some people i know ( ain,t going to minchion no names ) com. fish the ohio river and other water ways. stock pay lakes, let say they put in a 75 lb. shovel, in 3 to 4 years that fish ways 90 maybe 95. its the take the body builder. take him of the workout program put him on the love seat .next thing u know; bam he put on 40 pounds. same case with fish. yes i do fish pay lakes for trout. but there not tak,in out of a natural envierment where they have overcome great odds to become 100lb plus fish. that my 2 cents worth
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  13. big fish in paylakes tend to lose 5 to as much as 30lbs in the first few months, they cant handle the change in conditions and the small water, they just keep putting in trotlined and hoopnetted alabama fish. but there in lies the problem, the record should be a home grown ohio fish, or atleast one that swam into ohio on its own accord.
    also i like what doc said, i hope the record is released unharmed, no sense in the future of a fish that just now came off the endanged list. i would hope there will be some odnr biologist's willing to come and inspect a new record blue, maybe it will be how long can you keep it in a big livewell
  14. may be wroung but, i think the odnr has stick regulations on tranporting out of state fish through ohio.
  15. only if those states are in the great lakes draineges i believe (vhs fears), but those regs were only put up last year