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  1. From Ohio Wildlife....a submission for the Wildlife Council consideration for next year:

    1 antlerless deer per license from public ground

    No antlerless deer from public ground after December 2

    Designed to grow the herd on public ground
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  2. So they can run onto the private baited property and get blasted. I like that idea and think it will work great...Not. My part of the state isn't a population problem it is available land to hunt problem how about fixing that. I do travel and hunt in Muskingum County and I don't think there is a population problem there either. Sounds impossible to enforce as well.


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    ya cant manage a herd by seperating public and private rules...
  4. Now that's stupid after allowing 6 deer limit in southern counties they (imo) desecrated the deer herd with over harvesting now going to make up by allowing 1 deer off public land im not the smartest but that makes no sense to me what idiots o_O:confused::(
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    i like the idea. dang tough croud to please to say the least. people complained about too few deer left on public land and now here is a step to try to let the population rebound and people complain about that too.
  6. I'm with you on this one. The only way the herds on public ground will increase is to leave the does alone.
    Like you said, so many people complained about and then beat up the DNR for allowing such liberal limits which crushed the deer herds. Now they want to slow the kill rate down so the herds can rebound and now that's not good either.
    I think managing public and private land differently is the only thing that makes sense. Acting like limited and unlimited hunting pressure is the same is not facing reality.
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  7. Too little and took way too long but better than nothing. If it were up to me public would be buck only for how ever many seasons it took to reverse the damage done by years of inaction on the states part!
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    I'm suprised to see any negative reaction to this . I see nothing but good . It may be a little late , but it's definitely a step in the right direction .
    Is it gonna be hard to enforce ? Yeah . But then again so are most other fish and game laws . They can only make the rules . It's up to us to follow them. You can't make laws to accommodate for people who aren't gonna follow them .
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    The real idiots are the hunters that aren’t / weren’t smart enough to realize what they did to the herd. Let’s just blame it all on the odnr.
  10. I definitely think this is the way to go. Back in the 70's this was the norm and if people really want the herds to expand on public land this is really what it will take.
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    Exactly . Just cause the DNR says you can , doesn't mean you should . I think alot of people realized that after the fact . And many still haven't .
    The public land took the brunt of it . May take a bit but it'll work itself out . Definitely a step in the right direction
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  12. Push them all on my place.....I only take what the law allows and left a few for next always
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    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    It's because they can not look in the mirror and see where the problem starts. It's always someone else's fault.
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    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    I would be interested in the number of antlerless deer that were taken on public after December 2nd of this season.
  15. and that is the problem. The herd can't possibly hold up to what the current and past legal limit allows.
    I've noticed a big decline in numbers on private ground since the 6 deer limit days. I can't imagine what the public grounds are like.

    My bet is not many percentage wise.

    IMO Ohio is good at setting unrealistically high limits. Look at the crappie limit at 30 fish per person. There aren't many people who even catch 30 crappie in a day much less 30 keepers.
    A 15 fish limit would be more realistic.
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  16. My land, I don't think 3 is over harvesting.....especially when hardly any shooting is going on around me.....don't put out camera's any more , but the neighbors does and has many deer at his feeder (he doesn't hunt ) the past so many years.

    it was 2 last year inmy county that I thought was too low...
    for the big woods area and terrain, but 2 was what I harvested

    I would like to see 2 bucks state wide to narrow down the does taken....that would help build the buck can service many does that give birth....I would like selective harvest on 1 buck (deformed rack) and then be able to head hunt for a second....that would make for only taking 1 doe for me instead of 2 or 3.....increasing the herd around me that really doesn't need it so far
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    This Will tell you when, where and sex of deer killed but isn't broken down by public vs private

    Personally I don't like or see the logic of the no antlerless after Dec 2 , makes it buck only for muzzleloader season on public and some years that's the only time I deer hunt, just making it 1 antlerless per season on public IMO would accomplish the same results.
    Good luck and Good hunting !
  18. Come on guys... we all know that the only reason there are deer or turkey or anything to hunt is due to the protection the game laws give them. If the DOW/ODNR had not encouraged this extreme reduction thru the offer of plenty of cheap tags we would not be talking about this. Blaming hunters as a group is ignoring the fact that only the state can manage the herd and they failed to do so in a manner than kept the numbers strong on public land. They knew what would happen and it did. To blame hunters as a group is letting them off the hook. We hunters are our own worst enemies. Without laws lakes would be over fished etc. Why do we need an ODNR then if we expect hunters to manage populations on their own. It just can't work that way.
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  19. Flathead76

    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    They knew exactly what would happen and all they had to do is look at Pennsylvania as an example. They knew that us stupid blood thirsty hunters would do their dirty work while padding their pockets. The problem is that Ohio antlerless deer tags are over the counter and Pennsylvania is through a draw. What has helped PA are groups that could see what has happened around their deer camps and start buying up as many tags as they could get. Then they deer camp has deer tag burning parties so the tags do not get used and the state still gets their money. I know of two large camps that to this and they have seen the herd rebound because they know how not to use their trigger finger.
  20. Flathead76

    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    If you look at the numbers most hunters only take one deer per season. I don't think that the new regulations will do much but it is a step in the right direction.