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  1. So like I said before - I have bought *some* new gear...

    Ultra Lights...

    I also realise that this forum is for gamefish - but it has been my experience that they are NOT as plentiful as "crapfish"...

    BUT - "crapfish" fight just as well (especially on 4 pound test)

    WHERE are the big blue gills?

    One of you guys has to know where to take the kids (and wife) to catch a non-stop flow of "crapfish"...

    I'm lookin for fun - NOT food.

    I'm willing to drive ANYWHERE in Northeast Ohio...

    Just tell me about the pond, lake, or river.

    Drive up access and safe for kids (2-3 years old) - NO Peirs, NO rocks, just grass - shade - and an abundence of "crapfish"...

    Thanks for sharing!

    Bear Johnson
  2. Good fishing + safe for kids + easy access is a tough combination.

    You can try north resevoir in the portage lakes. The lot of portage lakes drive (near dnr headquarters) provides some deep water near parking. During the summer season, your kids can fish the youth ponds in the DNR facility at north res. There is a nice grass area off state mill road near the launch ramp for north. Not much shade, though. The beach area on turkeyfoot lake (new state park off rte 93) is a good bet for panfish. and safe for kids.

    Petros lake in Canton is being stocked with trout on Oct 19th. This lake (big pond) has a lot of easy access that would be good for kids. It's located on the southwest side of Canton.

    You can also check out a few of the ponds in the cuyahoga park (CVNP) a bit north of Akron. I heard that Kendall is closed for repairs, but you can still fish others like horseshoe and indigo. Just don't use minnows in those ponds (use of minnows/fresh eggs disallowed in the CVNP - other live bait like worms and maggots are ok).

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    I am offended that you classify catfish as a "crapfish". After all, it is the largest, hardest fighting fish in the state that takes more effort to catch than most "gamefish".
    Anyways, you might want to try Springfield Lake east of Canton or Bass Lakes in the Wadsworth area.
    Rohr's Lake in Nova is a nce lake and has a campground. They have stocking ponds loaded with catfish, bluegill, crappie, and some trout.
  4. I was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to start the "pot stirring". Try to catch a carp "crapfish" on a fly in a river -- it's easier to catch a steelhead (game fish?) on a fly. I've only had one steelhead send me into my backing. I've had quite a few big carp do it.

    Those bluegill and perch "crap fish" make good table fare as well. ;)
  5. "J"


    Not in the order of best to worst but here is a list that is within driving distace with kids.


    Highland Town

    Salem Reservoir (although it's seasonal and a pay lake)

    Guilford lake

    All these lakes have easy access and you can google them for information and directions.
  6. Thanks alot Steel!


    "J" Too!

  7. Neocats,

    I was NOT reffering to Channel Cats - I KNOW the time and effort that can be put into a good nights fishing for the big cats...

    I am talking about those little brown "Mud cats"... 8-10 inches MAX...

    Hit ANY hook with a trace of worm on it...

    THOSE are the cats I was referring to as "crapfish".

  8. I have never liked eating fish - just catching them...

    Maybe the occaisional Large Mouth Bass Filet...
    Fresh Ginger - Shitaki Mushrooms... Now your talking!

    OR a good old fashioned Channel Cat fish fry...

    But Trout? Salmon? Walleye? I'll pass -

    I am NOT attempting to offend ANYONE - just sayin' I like catching a heck of alot more than eating...

    So... if anybody wants my catch - LMK - lets go fishin!

    Bear Johnson
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    Some of the most fun I've ever had on Erie was perchin' and ending up catching countless numbers of HUGE sheephead. It wasn't perch but I'll tell you what it was--- A heck of a lot of fun!!!

  10. Lake Hodgson (at the corner of Summit and Lakeland or Lakewood....in Ravenna) might fit your need for family fishing. It closes Nov 1, so time is fleaing and frankly, this time of yr it, has been so so. Safe, gradual shorelines....grills and tables.....lots of shade and trees. It's the Ravenna water supply so no swimming. Pay lake......couple bucks a day or season for maybe 12.

    Bear.......I would send all the walleye, salmon, and trout back if I was you!!!
    More for the rest of us...thanks much.

    Seriously....walleye, salmon....and fresh trout from Lake Hodgson ....is some of the best eats imo. Maybe a different recipe would help?

    Good luck fishin with the family.
  11. Try Spencer lake. You can catch bull head cats left and right. Good chance of getting one or two chanels also. Other pan fish can be caught along with Bass. I dont fish it often but I've never seen a crowd there. There is hunting ground there too so now might not be a good time to go but in the non-hunting season to would be worth a shot in my opinion.
  12. I always Catch, take a pic (IF it's worthy), and release.
    Unless there is someone nearby that wants the fish.

    I may keep the occaisional fish - but only if my mouth starts watering when I look at it... (RARE)

    Thanks for the heads up on Hodgson! Sounds great!


    PS to the rest of ya - thanks for all the tips!
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    I took no offense Bear, just trying to be funny. I agree with junkyard also. Spencer Lake is a good spot for bullheads. It might no be the best place for smaller kids with the rocky shoreline, but its not bad.
  14. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    We wont tell him about friendship park down here will we Neo..LOL

    Course theres always the Ohio river....errr maybe not.
  15. If you just want to watch the little kids catch some fish take them to little turtle pond in the firestone metro park. Plenty of little bluegill there off the docks and the water is only a few feet deep in case they fall in.

    The only catch is that its 14 and younger to fish. You are not allowed to operate the rod, you can cast it for the kids but they have to do the rest of the work.

    Directions (off the top of my head) Its less than 10 minutes to get there from the university of Akron.

    Take 77s to waterloo rd and turn right.
    Go down waterloo rd until yo ureach the end of the plaza (which will be on your left). Turn Left at the end of hte plaza (cant remember the road), you'll see hungry howies.

    Take that road until it ends (about 1/2 mile) and then turn left.

    Go about 1/2 mile and turn right. It is the first street you can turn right onto, If you make it to the golf course pull in and turn around because you JUST missed it.

    After you turn right down that street the park is just on the right.