On the OR w/Salmonid 110108

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by LittleMiamiJeff, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. Well, Mark you put me on a couple nice fish today, too bad the cat's weren't cooperating!
    Thanks for showing me downtown Cincy through the forest of down lines of cut and live shad! ;)
    Here's my two hybrids for the day, the largest was 8lb, and an extra photo of my grandson Derek later in the day, I spent the whole day in two different OR locations today.


  2. Looks like a nice day to be out. And always nice catching some fish too. Good Job

  3. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Was hopin to catch up w/ you @ the 2nd spot but I guess I missed ya,did'nt see the wht yak-mobile in the lot sat afternoon.
    Got a couple modest hybrids/stripes y'day eve and fished this AM for no hits on an E wind morning.Really cranked up the water coming out of where-ever that is that it's coming from down there in the AM. Did'nt see much of anything come over the rails today.TC1
  4. Didn't make it to Greenup did the alternative, counted over 31 people at Meldahl, plus some downstream on the rocks, NO FISH at Meldahl by the time I left w/Derek, other than the stray white bass, ????
  5. Yeah, Jeff showed me how to get the nice ones today, he was busy casting while was throwing the cast ne for shad and then he was casting while I as setting up catfish rods and all the while I got like 2 white bass. I think he who casts the most has a better chance at getting Hybrids.. We also tried for saugers for a while with no luck again. LMJ Knows the water an what they wanted so my hats off to him and I learned a lot watching his bait selection and techniques, ( I may be an old fart but never too old to watch how someone else does it)

    Jeff, let me know when the bite is on hot and heavy from either meldahl or one of those shore spots and we try them again!

  6. Mark, nothing like letting you catch the bait, and bait the down rods! ;)
    Still can't make them bite though, with all that!
    After what I watched at Meldahl later in the day, I think we caught what bite there was going to be with that faint front and cloud bank earlier in the AM.
    They may have shown up closer to midnight, but there was nothing happening below the dam, the guys on top hooked up a few, of what I'm not sure, watched a girl break off something doing a serious bend on her rod from the parking lot.