On the DL (Injury Accident Story)

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  1. Well let me share a story with you folks. As always let this be a reminder to ALWAYS be cautious.
    Went to my everyday hole on the GMR last wednesday 7/16 at lunch. River had just been up and was coming back to good flow and clarity. Went down to the rivers edge and noticed a log jam down a little ways. Instead of fishing at the begining I walked down to see the new obstruction that would no doubt be in my way for the next few weeks. So, I go down and survey the river and trees. I climb up on one of the trees thats drifted in, right on top of where it is resting on the rocks. I am looking at the current and possible casting angles when I think.... well if I walk out the end of this tree I can have the perfect angle to cast. As I walk out towards the end I feel the tree "Teeter" or drop down just about a inch or two, but it didnt shift just "Teeter". Instantly I thought, Wow, this tree is lifting up that big one thats resting on top. As I set my next foot down my weight shifts more towards the end and the big tree comes up a little more. Then with the big tree suspended off the rocks the current shifts that tree sideways, pulling and rolling the small tree I am on. Needless to say there was no graceful landing here. At this point I am about 4-5 feet off the 45 degree sloping gravel bank. I slip off of the tree into the "V" between the two trees as my left foot is twisting and sliding on and into the gravel. Now the two trees are still moving aggresively and I am caught in the middle as I try to save my ankle the two rods in my hand and keep from getting crushed or knocked into the river and pinned... any bad scenario you can think. My right foot barely hits the edge of the water as I quickly scurry my way up the bank.

    Wow, my rods are fine, but my ankle and foot feels like there are wasps inside with three inch long stingers. It is hot, I am instantly nautious from the pain, sweat is rolling, as the sun is high and bright. Now, trembling and shaken, I look at my car about 100+ yards away and not a sole in sight. After all, its noon and too damn hot to fish so nobodies there. After a few minutes of moving and feeling around on my foot, I really painfully hobble back to my car. Get my Shroomin walking stick out of the trunk and go back to work without ever making a cast.

    After a miserable week and weekend of using a cane to get around,I go to the Dr. yesterday 7/21 and get chewed a little. Of course the Wife and Mother were really upset I did not go sooner as well as my Doc. Turns out, I have a Evulsion or some such. A tendon ripped a small piece of bone off a bigger bone in the main foot. Sound Painful? Well you would be right. Not so bad once I got some prescription meds yesterday. Luckily it should not need surgery. With some physical therapy and staying off of it as much as possible, I should be getting around in 4-6 weeks. All the things I have done to this old body and falling off a tree four feet of the ground takes me out. Incredible how things can happen in a flash. Be safe out there. The simplist little thing can turn dangerous/ life threatening real quick.

    Go Catch'em for me Guys and Gals. Tight Lines to Everyone!!!
  2. Cant just read and leave. Sorry for that accident I dont know how many times I have done something, that only after the fact, do I see how close to danger I was.
    My fondest memory in the kitchen is the chef who tried to help me "make" a buttonhole in my new chef coat...while wearing it!
    Just takes a change in the current to alter your river of life!!!!

    get well soon!

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    Wow Lunkers, I am happy something worse didn't happen in that scenario. Hope you feel better soon (while off the meds :) )
  4. Best of luck to you man and I hope you heal soon and get back up there on that wall and dominate that spot.
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    My son had an Evulsion (I'm not sure how it's spelled either) as well. Know that little point on the end of your elbow? He was pitching and ripped that little nub of bone off. Took two screws to place it back, so it does sound like you got a "little" lucky.
    Get well soon.
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    sounds painful, hope everything goes well and you get to feeling better.
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    Bummer man,I feel for ya. I had that happen to my groin where the tendons hold onto my pelvis,chip of bone is still floating .That happened in '94 and still bothers me to this day as the tendons never re-attached properly,can't step up onto a high bank w/ that leg as it is still painful.Take it easy and don't push your luck(like ole stupid boy here) so it can heal and re-attach itself.Glad ya did'nt fall in,imagine trying to swim w/ that pain.Hope ya feel better soon,TC1
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    sorry to hear about that lunkers, i got lucky and trolling motor battery just broke some skin.

    better stay in the boat for a while, no waders!!!!

    be good!
  9. Whew! glad to hear it didn't end up worse. You'll be back to 100% in no time!!
  10. Appreciate the kind words guys. Well TC1 I am just a dumb fisherman like you. I was right back on the very tree that bit me last night. Its been seven days and still quite painful at times. Went to Physical Therapy yesterday for the first time. That was pretty good. Felt great when I got out of there. So I just took it really slow and walked down to the spot. I dont even go seven days without making a cast in January. Never got a bite but it was nice to fish for awhile. Then I told myself that I would feel like a complete idiot if something did happen, so I left after about a half hour.

    I am going to try to take it easy for the next week. Hopefully with alot of rest and therapy I can make the August 2 canoe trip. If that is still happening. Maybe it is not a good idea but I sure enjoy them days on the River. Hopefully I can feel good enough.