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    Anybody else ever go out fishing for a day on the big pond, then go over and anchor off Perrys monument, have the water taxi pick you up, grab lunch at the boardwalk or somewhere on PIB, and go back out???

    Went to do that Sunday, and the taxi guys said they only do that anymore once all the mooring balls are taken, that they do NOT pick up people at the monument anymore for the $3 each way deal like they used to , unless the morring balls are all gone....at $30 per pop!!!

    Any idea when this started??

    Need less to say I was a little unhappy about it and decided to not take my business to the island!!
  2. Could have to do with nimrods like myself and my buddies in our younger years showing up at 7:30pm on a Saturday afternoon trying to find a place to tie up, finding nothing, then being told to "anchor just off the last line of balls and we'll come get ya'.."

    To find later that the wind had switched out of the NE at a good clip, the anchor had slipped..and the 20' Wellcraft was banging against a 40-some foot blowboat...which wasn't pretty....

    Which then escalated into a fiasco...as Mr. Blowboater was standing on the stern of his boat in his white pajama pants, no shirt, and Sperry Topsiders trying to tie off the anchor line from the Wellcraft (which he had CUT)...

    At which point the taxi drops us off, my bud exchanged information with him for insurance purposes...and we idled away from him. At that point, the red and blue lights fly though the dark sky and now my bud has to spend an hour on shore doing sobriety tests and answering questions about our situation. Ended up getting a ticket for "inappropriate anchorage"...and then they sent us on our way.

    Ok...so it's like 1:30am...the wind is ripping out of the NE...3 guys in a 20' boat in the dark with no radar....in 4-6's....and remember, Mr. Blowboater had cut our anchor line....

    We finally made it back to Catawba at 4:00am. Soaked...freezing...throwing up...etc. etc. We were greeted there by the Police...fortunately they felt sorry for us and let us go on our way.

    My buddy had to go back out to the island the following week and appear in PIB court and pay his fine. At the time...he made it very clear that we had been instructed by the harbor master to anchor as such...and little did we know that the wind would switch and swing the boat around into the line of sailboats.

    Many mistakes...lessons learned.

    Maybe that's why you can't anchor off the line ball-buoy line anymore....

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    waterwalker #@%&!! BROWNS

    Thanks BFG. O the good ol' days. If I were to do it again I wouldn't change a thing.:)
  4. I've only been afraid on Erie two times....once in a storm off of Kellys...the other time in the dark on the way back to Catawba.