On-Board (XPS 10/10) Charger Help

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  1. Being old I've tended to do things the old way.
    I use two 12 volt trolling motor batteries (one at a time) with my Minn Kota 55 HP motor.
    I do a lot of extended trips and recently discovered that Bass Pro sold a two bank 10/10 charger (XPS Model XPSi 10/10 that would charge both batteries without me having to change the clamps in the middle of the night while on a trip.

    Purchased the unit and installed it according to the directions.
    Plugged it in hoping for the best and got the blue power light - and nothing else. Discharged the batteries and tried again, same result.
    Have checked and double checked to make sure that the appropriate cables are attached to the correct posts etc..
    I don't know what the magnetized pin is for. Is that my problem????

    Can anyone help???
  2. You didn't mention how long you let it run to charge the batteries without the "Go Fish" light coming on. I recently installed the XPSi 5/5/5 and have had no problem with it. Reviews that I have read have mostly said that they have great customer service (although many complained that they had to find this out shortly after purchasing the unit) I believe that it is made and backed by Promariner. If you let it run a long time without getting the "Go Fish" indicator I would give them a call and they should replace it.


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    there should also be a "charge" light that should come on with the blue light. I can't help you with your problem, mine works fine.
  4. Thanks!

    I get the blue light only.

    Again, is there any action that I need to take with the magnetized pin???
  5. Sorry you are right there is a yellow charge light also just below the power light that should be on. Not sure about the magnetized pin unless you are talking about the battery selector. It should have come preset to charge regular flooded wet cell batteries. There is a way you can change it to charge gel cell batteries but since I have wet cell I don't know how to change it. If you just got it and the yellow light is not coming on at all I would call Promariner anyway it is under warranty and should be replaced.

  6. Thanks again!

    I'm having the boat serviced soon and will have my mechanic double-check it for me. If it still doesn't work, I'll return it.