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  1. I'm in the market for a new on board charger and I'm not sure what type I need. I have 2 trolling motor batteries and one cranking battery. I Know that i would only need a 2 bank charger but my question is, can any on board charger be hooked into the main motor, so the trolling motor batteries are being charged while running or do you need a specific type of charger? Also if I will need a specific type of charger to have this system, are they really worth the extra money and will it really help that much since I mostly fish inland lakes and rivers?
    My final question is, do you guys run your electronics, lights and pumps off of your cranking battery or to one of the trolling motor batteries?

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    If you have 3 battery's total you would want a 3 bank onboard charger. These chargers are just meant to charge all 3 batteries while on shore, they do not hook into your main motors alternator, only the battery that is hooked to the big motor will charge your cranking battery while running on the water. If you want that feature Minn Kota has a unit that will do just that...adding to the complexity of the system on your boat and I do not know much about that system so I can't commment. I have 4 batteries on my boat and have a 4 bank charger, all the batteries are hooked up to it, when on shore I plug it in and all the battery's are charged. I have a dedicated cranking battery for my Optimax, the rest are for my 36V minn kota bow mount and engine mount EM motor and all my accessories, lights, gps, cd player, riggers etc. Use the cranking battery for just that, cranking only, if you run out of juice on the lake you will not be able to start your motor.

  3. Does anyone no here have a Cabela's® ProSport II On-Board Marine Battery Charger? What are your guys opinion on this charger compared to other brands?