OMBTT 6/8 INDIAN 7,000.00 pay day!

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  1. What a tournament Indian just has so many bass in it. We had 51 boats 50 that paid. 7,000.00 was paid out and another 3,000.00 went to the fish off.That makes our fish off fund after 3 tournaments at 9,600.00.Every boat had fish and saturdays practice was the best day of fishing I have had in years. We had over 50 fish that we didnt set the hook on and another 10 we did. Of course the bite slowed a little with the high bluebird high pressure but still great fishing. I am proud of all my guys as well after mid way of our second season I have not had to babysit or deal with the bs that sometimes
    comes with running a circuit. I am fortunate to have such great guys fishing OMBTT. If you have not fished with us you need to give us a chance. Once you do you will be hooked. Next year I fully expect to have full fields so if you are on the fence get off and come to one of our weigh inns or fish a tournamnet. Next three events are at Delaware lake 06/28 Indain 7/26 and Alum Creek 9/27. Also I want to thank KNOX MARINE for supporting this circuit as well as they are the primary reason that OMBTT pays back 100% for the year. If you are looking for a boat or car please give them a chance for your buisiness they are willing to support Bass anglers like yourself. Also thank VENOM LURES, W.K. OUTBORD MOTOR JACKS, Moors Resort Kentucky Lake. We have incentives as well Like Ranger Cup, Stratos 2x money, Bass Fan Army approved, Knox marine Incentives, and Krieger Ford Incentives. Thanks again to all my guys that by the way are some of the best Anglers in the state barr none!

    Indian Lake results.
    1) Smart/Strumberger 10.28 1,860+500 10lb pot=2,360
    2) Roush/KING 10.21 1,300+250 Ranger CUP= 1,550
    3) Adkins/Adkins 9.87 1,150
    4) Wallace/Baughman 9.76 840
    5) Fishbaugh/Shields 9.44 750
    6) Collins/Newlon 9.42 415
    7) Roberts/Johnson 8.88 400
    8) Norman/Fabian 8.53 285

    1st bb Fryer Horn 3.84 250.00
    2cd bb Guegold/Davenport 2.92 150.00