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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by OhYeah, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I really like the olympics, BUT an Olympic Gold Medal for....
    badminton ?? kayaking ?? ping pong ?????? bowling ?? handball ??
    What's next, an Olympic Gold Medal for bass fishing in a sailboat ??
  2. Seaturd

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    I'm thinking synchronized casting, long distance casting and casting accuracy should be in the program four years from now.....

  3. tpat


    kayaking is pretty hard... and involves a good deal of strength and endurance.

    OGF has its fair share of olympic trollers. i think we should petition!
  4. streamstalker

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    Have you watched the kayaking? It probably takes a greater combination of upper-body strength, stamina, and agility than any other sport in the Olympics. It would be better if after they ran a chute they had to cast at and hit a target in an eddy.;)

    But yeah, I am ready for the "real" Olympics (track and field) to start.

  5. ....while under sail in the Vermilion.

    sorry......couldn't resist.:)
  6. ezbite

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    everything you mentioned is a sport, ever see some of those ping pong dudes...WOW!! those little buggers can move, balls of fury baby, balls of fury:p
  7. I think it was the last summer Olympics where they "trialed" fishing as an Olympic sport....

    You ever try handball??? Good God...I hope you are in good shape!
  8. All of the events are amazing acts of skill that most of us could never even imagine performing
    I like some more than others.

    I don't know how you go about getting something part of the Olympics, but a fishin competition would be money.

    You could have both summer/winter as well as it is something done by pretty much every culture on earth in some form.
  9. I can respect most of the sports but other than the hot chicks I hate the concept of beach volleyball. I think its an absolute joke, take a couple athletic college basketball players and you have yourself a gold medal mens beach volleyball team. I'm sure its a bit more challenging than that but you get the point.

    My complaint is all I see everytime I turn it on is volleyball, swimming or gymnastics...I want to see some damn wrestling, sprints, boxing and the HOT judo chick.
  10. SConner

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    I would love it if they ever showed track & field other than every 4 years for a week. Great sport and USA is loaded with talent, but they never broadcast it.

    Assuming Tyson Gay is actually healthy, the mens 100M should be awesome!
  11. I watch it every chance I get, I even make time to all indoor and outdoor college meets that are televised.

    Tyson Gay - I hope he's acting more injured then he actually is becaue those Jamaicans are gonna give him a run for his money.
  12. Hook N Book

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    I can go with that, and I agree...I can watch Misty all day long with her partner...6'2"...imagine the possibilities...! :eek:
  13. How about the equestrian events ??!! Do they give the medal to the horse, 'cause it's the athletic one that's doing all the work !!! I understand it takes tons of training for the horse, but come on.
    I would really like to see a lot more boxing & throw some wrestling in, too.
  14. Whaler

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    Apparently you have never seen real ping pong or Badminton being played by real players. It's not like the family at the picnic in the backyard. Thes guys can blacken your eyes with the speed they hit these things. They take a lot of skill just like any other of the sports being played.
  15. freyedknot

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    not to mention the ping pong players stand back about 20 feet behind the table ..............next year it will be CORNHOLE!
  16. vkutsch

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    OhYeah- you're bannanas! Those SPORTS are awsome. I think I'd do better against Fedderer or Nadal (still 0-6, 0-6) than against any of those pong or badminton players- they are SICK. And the kayaking is insane, too.
  17. Kwin the typical browns fan.. Play some beach volleyball! Try and cover a WHOLE court with 2 people in the freaking sand... Try and set/dig/spike a ball in the sand like these ATHLETES do. Bah, don't even worry about it. Just keep on thinking last year wasn't a fluke.

    Some Olympic sports are BS: shooting, equestrian, trampoline, archery, and sailing require zero athletic ability in my mind. That's why the IOC getting rid of real sports like baseball and softball after this year is so strange. Most people with any sports prowess will tell you hitting a well-pitched baseball is the hardest thing in sports to do..

    If we are going to vent let's vent on the fact that the Chinese seem to be cleaning up in judged sports but not timed ones.

    Question KWIN512 - Is indoor volleyball a "sport" to you?
    (sorry for the browns dig - they just looked awful tonight)
  18. Go ahead and pick any two male basketball players, bet they couldn't beat an average women's beach volleyball team.

    Of all the sports to pick and rip on, you pick one of the most skilled and athletically talented? And you like to watch dudes running around in a circle? That's lamer than NASCAR. At least there are wrecks in NASCAR.
  19. I will take Labron James and.........well, anyone.
  20. You could resurrect a young Wilt Chamberlain for all I care. They're still gonna lose to a couple of skilled beach VB players.:p