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  1. Did a little fishing on the tangy today around the Ackerman rd low head dam. Only caught a small rock bass and the river had a nice stench coming from it. I tried to fish at the 5th ave dam but wasnt sure where to park. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas? Also it is possible to bank fish from there? Let me know, any info is greatly appreciated!
  2. I fished the same place this afternoon and caught the same thing. A small rock bass. But my lure was getting attacked the entire time. The fish were just too small to eat it. It is a good spot generally though to fish and the river always has a stench. The 5th avenue dam I think is fishable from the bank but I think most people wade it.

  3. i just fished the tangy again. This time on campus. Caught 5 rockbass 2 of which were about 8 inches. Also caught a 6-7in black crappie.
  4. I've fished the dam from the bank but there isn't much water you can cover unless you go further down river (on either side). Given the stench, I wouldn't go in without waders.

    I parked at Cap City...probably not supposed to. Not sure about the gravel parking area on the east side of Olentangy R Road...I think it is used for football parking. I have seen a fisherman parked there before.
  5. I also fished this dam for about 1 hour this evening, only one tiny whitebass was caught.:S
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    for 5th ave: You can park legally on perry st. on the east end of the batelle parking lots. Fish the deep areas directly below the dam on the east bank.
  7. I appreciate all the info, hope to see you guys out there sometime.

    Also I was wondering if anyone eats the fish out of the river? I see the signs about overflow sewage and have heard stories, makes me a little weary. I was wondering what you guys thought?
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    Mushijobah is correct about parking. Perry St. is the best bet. You can walk across the park between 5th and 3rd and then walk along the bike path up to the low head. I work at Battelle...I just wanted to warn you about parking in the Battelle parking lot. It is regularly "patrolled" by security, especially during normal business hours and they may ticket or tow if you don't have the appropriate parking sticker. If you are fishing after normal business hours, you could stop and ask security if it is okay to park in the lot on the south side of 5th avenue.
  9. I personally would not eat anything that comes out of that river. Raw sewage does overflow into the river during times of flooding. You can smell it along the bike path. Plus there is alot of other runoff that contaminates the river during the springtime, for example nitrates from fertilizers. Just my opinion though.
  10. Hey guys... pretty new to the site. I fished the tangy as well this evening. Although I was up north in Delaware county.

    I fly fish the river with a 3 weight and had a blast today. Caught 5 white bass, a crappie and 5 smallmouth in about 2 hours. All the fish came from the same goofy new fly I made today.

    The last fish however, was a whole different animal. I cast upstream, let it sink about a 2 count and strip it in, when I hooked the bottom. With a split shot it happens about every 20 casts or so. I was able to jerk it free when I thought I hooked bottom again, except is was the fish. I thought it was decent little 12 incher until it jumped. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then the weight of this bruiser set in. I very carefully managed to get the fish downstream of me in some shallower flat water and played him for a few minutes. I had a pretty light tippet and didn't want to lose it. The fish jumped 4 or 5 times. So I finally am able to get him close enough to get hand on the line to pick him up. (no net or camera today). The fish is nearly in my hand. I grab his lower jaw, but not tight enough. He skipped, turned in the water and broke my line with my only prototype fly like it wasn't even there. All I could do it laugh and thought what an end to a great evening.

    This might not be big for some people, but to me it was the largest SM caught to date. 16" and about 3lbs. Chunky and full of spunk!
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    Nice SMB!

    As eating fish goes in the tangy...

    Sewage overflows are of least concern when determining what fish are safe and unsafe and which streams are safe and unsafe. The main concern is with industrial or chemical pathogens in the stream bed, not the occasional sewage overflow. The Olentangy does indeed run through a highly urbanized area, but eating saugeye and crappie shouldnt not be a problem. The crappie are not as high on the food web as other predators, and the Saugeye originate from either Deleware, Griggs, or Oshay.
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    FWIW here is a map showing the location of Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) and Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) locations:


    I always thought they were downtown, I was surprised to see how many are up the O valley.
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    I went down to the 5th Ave dam on Sunday. There were a few guys fishing the top of the dam on the east side where the logs have completely jammed up. Looking over the railing on the east side below the dam, it didnt look like it was more than a foot deep.

    Dont you mean the west side of the river? Although, the water certainly could be higher on the days that you are there. Just curious.

    Also, great information all the way around on the site. I appreciate it.
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    Nope, DIRECTLY below the spillway on the East side of the dam is the deepest area. The west side is very shallow to be honest. Throw jigs in the tiny deep holes where the spillway concrete ends. Minnows would be killer in there also.
  15. I fished the Dodrige dam for about 3 hours this evening. The fish were quite active, they were hitting on plastic worm, small crank bait and power bait minnows. Caught a largemouth bass, two white bass and a few bluegills and missed one big thing, which fought about 1 minutes and ran off. By the way, there were big carps jumping around.
  16. Fished around 5th Avenue last night...caught 1 nice smallie (almost two pounds) and two dinks on white grubs.
  17. hey man that is all that counts. i have caught some really nice fish that im very proud of, but i have several buddies that have all caught bigger, nonetheless im still proud of my fish and show them off to my other friends and family.... and some of my best fishing days did not even involve big fish..they were crappie and bluegill days when i just hammered them!
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    "A man who called himself homeless said he had lived along that west riverbank site for nine years."

    I don't care what anyone says, that's a guy that wants to STAY homeless.

  19. That is a bit scary. But the victim shouldn't be from upstream river. So many people cross the river in OSU area, it's hard to not notice a body floating in the river. Hope the police figure out soon.:(