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  1. Can anyone give me some info on the Olentangy around the Highbanks Metro Area? I'm moving to that area and the last time I was up there I went to Highbanks to walk the trails and was checking out the river. Looks like a good place to wade. What types of fish swim in the river? I talked to a couple guys who were going fishing and they said they were smallmouth fishing. That's right up my alley since we smallmouth fished the creeks down here in the Ohio Valley. Thanks for any info. :)
  2. Redone,

    I'm Warpath, and I'm originally from Steubenville. Welcome to the central Ohio area. I don't know much about the Olentangy, though I'm sure there are some goosd smallmouth fishing holes around HighBanks and probably north of there. Another place you might like to try is the Scioto between the O'Shaugnessy dam and Leatherlips Park. If you find your way to Riverside Drive the river between O'Shay and Griggs is a great place to wade for smallies. There is a dirt pulloff north of Leatherlips park on the west side of Riverside Drive that allows access to the river and some good holes. PM me if you have any ?'s.


  3. A real mix runs behind there. One minute your in all gravel and the next mud. Be careful when you wade it, there are some serious holes. I only waded it a bit beyond Jewitt Road. Would like to have the time to wade it down to the cliffs. Maybe one of these days....
    I have caught LM, Smallies, some huge rock bass, crappie, bluegill, and one sauger there.
  4. I have caught smallmouth, rock bass, bluegill, and carp there. I have heard of a few stray musky being in there too, but I am not lucky enough to be able to confirm that. :D I have been nocked off of a boulder by something huge in there though...never did see what it was, but probably a carp. I usually use small rebel craws and do well, lots of people use tubes too. Good luck.
  5. Hey warpath, nice to hear there's some valley people who like to fish up here in columbus. I'm from Bellaire and have fished the creeks and river since i've been little. My girlfriend has been living in columbus for a year now and she's shown me the pull offs along riverside. We fished griggs from the bank a few times and didn't do that great. I really like the looks of that river between griggs and o'shay. Also out along 257 i think it is. She works in Richwood and we took a drive out there last week. I saw some nice looking places out along there. I live real close to griggs and o'shay so i'll probably frequent those places more than others. I don't have a boat in columbus so i'll be wading or banking it. Can't wait to hit some new waters. Later on.
  6. Hey guys thanks for the info. I noticed while walking the trail how the river looks to change from mud to gravel. I did see a few big holes from where we were walking. Once I get settled in up here i'm going to explore some more. It'll be fun to fish some new areas. Nice to hear there's a mix in there. I like the smallmouth but will take whatever hits my bait or lure. Thanks again
  7. The park can be tough fishing. Lots of pressure. Just drive down 315 n and you will see lots of places to pull off. Ive been told that area can produce some nice smallies. Soon as i get back on my feet going to get the canoe in and try it out! Good Luck
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    Does anyone know anything about the area right around the Whetstone Park of Roses? I will be living close to this area soon and was wondering if it's a carp or cat haven?
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    Im sure you prolly do, but make sure you hit each hole really hard. I know sometimes I have to cast 15 times to the same spot before a fish will bite, especially on that stretch of heavily pressured river. Have pulled out a couple eyes the same way, casting time and time again around riffles or in a good hole.
    Good luck.
  10. cheezemm2 - All mud bottom along there. There is a little park south of Whetstone, can't remember the name of it, where I have hooked some beautiful carp. Behind the High School has a bit better bottom to it.
  11. park o roses...i've played softball there the last ten summers. The river seems really shallow there year round. I've never walked it though.
  12. the name of the park south of whetstone is northmoor(re)
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    fished the olentangy north of powell the other day, caught 6 smallies and a saugeye. 10-14 inchers........ used senkos