Olentangy Worthington Caution!

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  1. Watch it behind the skate park, the kids are throwing rocks at waders.

    Wish I had my phone with me, would have called on them. Hate to spoil the fun but they were old enough to know better, definately targeting me and it seemed as though it was a regular thing.

    It was a bad feeling having softball sized rocks coming through the trees at me and landing all around.

    Wouldn't have been so bad if they were right on shore but they would look through the trees and then throw from inside the tree line, couldn't see the rocks coming.
  2. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    thats crazy. ya should have just walked up on the bank and scared the hell out of them. their not thinking so one is going to come at em.

  3. 01mercLS

    01mercLS It's Fishing not catching

    Man thats some shady stuff right there. Thats childish.
  4. Bubba, Going ashore was an option but trust me, the scene was scary and to what end would going ashore lead?

    I really tried to think a way out and he best approach was to move on, looking away from the direction of the rocks.

    Keep in mind, I am one...they were about 12 14-18 year olds...I wasn't scared of confronting but logically things would only escalate if I did...no?

    I'll have my cell next time, nothing will happen to the kids if I call, I am certain...Worthington looks a blind eye on their own for the most part but at least tey might get the hint.
  5. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    i figured they were younger kids. 18 year olds would have probley not have gotten as worried as easliy. but still an option. smart thing was probley to just keep going, even though that would have been a little tough, depending if they followed or not.
  6. 01mercLS

    01mercLS It's Fishing not catching

    That kind of stuff makes me mad. It just ruins a lot of fun, especially when they get out of it.
  7. call the cops, man. cops ride bikes these days, so they should be able to apprehend some of the delinquents near the bike trail. they'll throw those trouble-makers in juvey, where they belong.
  8. I had times where I got bored as a kid during summer, had to much time on my hands and maybe got into some mischief, but throwing rocks at people wasnt a option.
  9. :mad: :mad: It's a crying shame that you can't enjoy yourself without some punks thinking that it's there job to harm you. With no discipline in schools, and at home any more this is what you get. In as far as confronting those punks, who knows if they where packing, and even if you were, what really would have been accomplished? You did what you could for that moment, just carry your cell phone next time, and good luck. Just thank God you didn't get hit this time. I'd call and file a report, just to make the police aware of what is going on even if they don't do anything about it.:mad:
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    I had a similar experience happen to me once, but that is another story. what we all REALLY want to know is how was the fishing??;)
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    :) :D That stinks, makes me want to head down there with some of my nephews(under 18 and big) but thats the wrong way to go I guess, but man would it be fun:)
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    Yeah! File a report even if it is a couple of days after the fact. That is an easy spot for them to patrol and crack down on and I'm sure the police would be happy to know about it. I fish and bicycle in that area frequently and have never had any problems and I hope it stays that way. All it takes is an officer on a bicycle to cruise by there on a regular basis for a few days and talk to whomever is hanging around. That will put a stop to that stuff right away.
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    I used to run down there all the time, but mostly in the morning on the weekends when most teens are in bed. Still, even at that hour there were always young kids skating there. I never had any problem at all but at best they only saw me twice and I was moving pretty fast. I'll have to post on the runner forums to see if anyone has been bothered by them.
  14. I was in a local 7-11 the other night and the manager was on the phone to the police because one of her employees was on his way back to work riding a bike and was clipped by a car, from what I gathered the people kept on going and the kid could hear them laughing as they kept on going:( crazy world we are in fellas.
  15. Brhoff - I fish near the skate park all the time. Please let the police know when and what happened.

    Going after them yourself is not an option. Besides the fact that the law will look at you as the responsible adult, their parents would sue you for damaging their darlings. Remember the parental mantra - "My baby wouldn't do a thing!"
  16. NO, never considered personal action. I will call.

    Actually had you in mind as I posted as you have noted the general area in postings past.
  17. That could be considered assault with a deadly weapon &, I'm sure if you were hit by one, would be a felony assault charge! Could cost Daddy thousands of dollars to his bored little rich kid out of jail!
  18. Thats just as bad as throwing rocks at cars off bridges, if not worse. You should call the police and park ranger if avalible, I think I would also call ODNR the more people you contact about this the better. Hopefully you contact enough people and some one will repond and patrol the area. Thank goodness you were not hit, unfortunately it seems juveniles get away with things adults would be in prison for. Time to rethink juvenile justice system. just my two cents.