Olentangy Today

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by SmallieNut, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Nice morning. I got 9 1 bluegill and the rest smallies. 2 14's on topwater so was all kinds of fun.

    New insight I had I redid the hooks on the Skitter Pops with Gamakatsu's and what a difference. Less missed strikes thanks to those little beautys. I went with the red colored. Not sure if they add any incentive for fish to strike but can't hurt.

    Any one else out there re-rigged with Gamakatsu"s? I'm curious about your experience
  2. Where is the Best Place to get those Skitter pops? I had fun with topwater in a pond a few weeks back but never any luck on the tangy. I was throwing a pop-r thought. Whats the best color to go with? I am thinking about heading out this afternoon.


  3. I do the same thing. Get a lot more hook ups with those sharp hooks. I also use red. I think that red flash on top of the water has to add incentive for the fish to strike.
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    I redo all my cranks and topwater with them, only problem is I tend to hook myself...
  5. Rideout - I get Skitters at Dick's or Gander Mtn. I have the best luck on the shad color.
  6. Cool thanx I will have to grab a few and try them out.
  7. Skitter pops are terrible!!!...please don't buy them. Buy all the Pop-r's you want but whatever you do...DON'T BUY OR FISH WITH SKITTER-POPS!;)