Olentangy Smallies 10/11

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by buckeyebrewer, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. buckeyebrewer

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    Went out to the Olentangy River early Saturday morning with my brother. Caught dozens of smallies including this monster. I did'nt have a tape measure with me, but it's definatley my biggest smallie yet (not saying much), but it faught like a champ.

    There were carp everywhere just swimming around literally hundreds of them. Does anyone know what they are doing this time of year? I'd love to catch one on my fly rod. Any idea what flies to use to catch them?

  2. Nice fish. I like nymphs weighted to get to the bottom quickly, with a little flash so I can see them (and see them disappear) in murkier water like the Olentangy. I typically go with just a beadhead olive woolly bugger, with some crystal flash. Nothing big required, I usually go size 10 or 12.

    Maybe 1 in 10 fish will actually eat your fly, be patient, don't spook the whole pool by tripping over one. They're also not stupid... they will flee from a nymph moving towards them.

    Let us know if you get one.

  3. Clayton

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    Hey, where exactly on the olentangy are you? Probably a great distance from the part that runs through Ohio State's campus, no?
  4. buckeyebrewer

    buckeyebrewer "I believe I can Fly"

    I usually fish up north in Delaware county. PM me if you want more specifics.

  5. I'm not much of a long rodder, but if you get a chance you might want to swing in Mad River Outfitters on Bethel Road.
    I know a few of them are hard core about flyrodding for carp. I suppose they could at least sell you a few appropriate flies.
    Good luck and nice smallie!!
  6. Wild One

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    Dude, that's quite a smallie for the 'Tangy. Nice!

    I haven't done so hot on the Olentangy up here since it's been so dry this year. Check the Fly Fishin section for more tactics on the carp (there are several threads there) but I've done well with heavier, all black Wooly Buggers.