Olentangy Small Mouth And Carp?

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  1. Well, I hit up the Olentagy again last night with a friend and had a blast. The water level was the lowest it has been all year but the small mouth and silver bass are still hitting like crazy. Between the two of us about 20-25 Smallmouth and Silver bass. Biggest only about 12-14 inches and alot of 5-8 inchers. But to my suprise a 2 foot carp hit a rooster tail I was using. First off I thought it had to be the biggest Bass i ever hooked becasue I have never would have expected a Carp to hit a rooster tail. Anyway fun time bringing him in on 8 lb line and a small pole. All Catch and release this time..even the legal ones. LOL
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    Silver bass = Largemouth?

  3. I have hooked a couple carp while smallie fishing and for the first few seconds you always think you have the biggest smallie swimming, then you see that boil or those lips and it all comes crashing down, but they are still a really fun fish to catch.
  4. Silver bass probably = white bass.