olentangy/ orange rd area

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  1. I went down and wet my line tonight and found a rod.....if you lost this please PM me, you need to be able to tell me about the location of the rod and what some details of it are :) Its not an expensive rod or anything, but I thought I would give the owner a chance to reclaim it. Looks like it had been sitting there a few days.

    That area used to be my little honey hole and since they started messing with the bridge and the construction up river I don't catch anything there anymore :( Anyone fish the north part of the old and tangy and wanna throw me a bone on where some good spots might be? Lots of No tresspassing signs up that way :/
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    i actually grew up on home road just east of the 'tangy by 1/4 mile. just about 50 yrds or so north of the home road bridge is a big round rock about 6-7' across. on the south side of the rock its a bit deeper. it used to hold a few fish. and you can park next to the bridge on the olentangy river road south of the bridge. going south its a bit deeper. good luck!

  3. I got the Tangy right out my back door, but i never fish it. I think i really should try it sometime, but usually go up to Delaware Lake, or just hit Blue Limestone in town. Anyways to answer your question, i see people fishing the 'tangy where it crosses under US23, and then up the river from there beyond the first damn i've seen people wading up there fishing too. Someone got a small mouth last week out back from where i live, but no idea what rig he was using.

    Picture taken last year out the window of a pesky rodent the cat likes to watch.

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    Nice pic and nice view Corn. I bet it's a little nerve wracking when the dam is at full release.