Olentangy firsts

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  1. I'm not sure if it was all the water we had washing them downstream, but I have caught fish I have never seen in the river before. Last Sunday I got a
    2 lb. LM and I have never seen a LM over 6" in the Tangy. Then last night I ran into two pockets of White Bass (4-6") and I have never caught them in this river. They sure were fun. I fish just south of the 270 bridge. Should I be this surprised?
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    Are you positive it was a LM and not a Spotted Bass? All 3 can be found in both the Scioto and Olentangy, given the area in which you were fishing my bet is you caught a NICE spot

    In regards to the White Bass, it's that time of year again. These cool nights along with the decrease in daylength are like a sign flashing "time to feed, time to feed" Within the month all species should be feasting heavily....This is just the beggining :D

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    I would bet it was a spot unless the area you caught it was a very slow moving medium deep pool, spots will be found where SM's are found, a 2lb'er(spot) is a NICE fish, and this is the time of the year that I catch most of my WB besides the spring run, and some of those females WB's will give you a run for your money, I can't wait to catch a wiper sometime, heard they are a train with fins, hate to say this but I heard they are nastier than a SM.
  4. Where there's one whitey, there's a hundred.
    Somebody told me that once.....
    Getcher white roostertails out!
  5. The Olentangy is an interesting river. I fished it all the time as a kid and it turned up the occasional surprise. It took years to finally catch a crappie from the river. When I was about 12, I hooked and lost a small (25-30") muskie that, right at my feet, broke a spinnerbait and swam away with the hook in its mouth.

    The fishing seemed to slow down a few years back. By the sounds of it, it has picked back up.

    My dad still walks his dog along the river a few miles north of Henderson and said he has seen quite a few fisherman back that way. Is he seeing any OGFers?
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    no, you shouldnt be suprised. i used to catch alot of whiteys when i fished with minnows a few years back. lots of crappie too. never any size to them. the area your fishing gives up the rare largemouth bass. also some real nice catfish and saugeye. the only thing i have not seen in the river is a flathead cat. im still waiting.
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    I am going with it being a largemouth for only one reason. The migration of spotted bass into the upper scioto watershed is a fairly recent even. There are numerous dams on the olentangy, as you know. With recent high flows coming from up north (Deleware may have let some water out), it is very likely that some nice bass came with it. If you were fishing a slow stretch of the river also, that is natural habitat for LMB. Just a thought. BTW, it is not very often that you see a bass (other than smallmouth) that large coming from that river! Nice job!
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    I caught one around that size (15-16")about a month ago near Ackerman road. It was in some brush stuck on the bike bridge. It got hung up and when I paddled up I found there was a nice hole on the back side of the bridge support. I was pretty surprised too.