Olentangy bassin' 5/5

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  1. Fished the Olentangy along the bike path. Ended up catching 8 SM, 1 LM, and 2 bluegills. Caught them all on tubes with an 1/8 oz head. Most of the fish were nice size. The big one ended up going around 15".

    Also, found a monster dead buck along the river. Looks like it must have been hit by a car or died of natural causes. This deer is literally no more than a mile away from campus. I couldn't believe it when I spotted the rack in the weeds. Nice big 11pt. I'm waiting for it to decompose a little more and then i'm going to go back and get it and bleach the skull. It is going to make an amazing skull mount.

    Can't forget about the morels I found also. I'll keep that report to myself though.
  2. I Was Glad To Read Your Post About A Productive Outing! I'm An Older Retired Guy Who Finally Got His '08 License Monday And Headed Out For Crappie. I Tried The West Bank Just Above Griggs. Caught A Microscopic Bluegill And One Crappie Using Jig And Bobber With "crappie Nibbles" Dressed On Hook. Then I Drove Up To O'shay And Had No Lock At All! Were You Wading The Tangy? I've Had New Waders (still In The Box) In My Car Trunk For Two Years Now, But I Keep Dreaming About Piddling Away My Kids' Inheritance On A Boat! I Ride The Tangy Bike Trail Quite Often. I May Have To Pack My Rod Along Next Time. Thanks For The Post.

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    Good job on the fish!

    A word of warning on the buck though, you may want to bury the skull or move it now. I'm sure someone will take your information and it will be gone next time you go down there. Just a heads up. And there are a few deer in that area, I've seen deer tracks in Tuttle park before.
  4. Mushijobah

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    Better grab that buck head!...or else I'm going looking for it! You technically should let the game warden know that you are planning on taking it. It doesn't stop a lot of people, but if you want to play it safe, call up the dnr and ask about it.
  5. One step ahead of ya kevin. I hid it. If I can find the cord to my digital camera i'll post some pics of the rack.
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    good deal! Pretty cool that a buck of that size is near campus. I'd love to see some pics.
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    Same on the pics. PS my parents have a compost pile in their backyard (Bexley) if you need a place to let it decompose. I have two buck skulls in there already, but there is room for another!
  8. Mushijobah

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    Very nice pics man. OSU Bass Club should have a smallie trip to the tangy or scioto soon!
  9. xtrema - very nicely done! To the surprise of many people, there is a sizeable population of deer right in the campus area. Even more surprising (to some at least) is the population of coyotes right there on and around campus as well.

    I have covered every bit of that river on the bike trail - about 20 miles of it. The deer use the river as a travel route, but the parks (like Tuttle, Antrim, etc.) hold deer year round. You can also find may deer/coyotes in the downtown area. I've seen deer all around the city and especially near the outskirts.

    I only found spikes when hunting mushrooms off the bike trail, but I know the sponges grow in Tuttle (I'm sure on the banks too) as I spoke with an old man and his wife that had a couple dozen one time.

    Bassnpro - hit that spot we talk about man; they are in there pretty good now. Another guy I gave directions to has been plucking spikes and yellow sponges off the right hand side the last several days.
  10. I found a fawn last year while fishing in tuttle. Let me get about 3 feet away before busting out of some briars. Thought it was a bum moving around. The tracks down around antrim are unreal. I found a couple sheds out of there last year. Nothing big.
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    Nice job on the fish!
    Looks like a nice little stretch of water!
  12. Mushijobah

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    Keep your eyes open for turkeys the farther north you go north of campus, there have been....reports. :)
  13. Bubba bass bigfoot

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    nice fish. I've only fished that river once for SM and had a good outing.
  14. Nice catch. Why cant I land a bass like that?
    Me and a buddy went out today 5/7 to the Olenttangy, just north of campus. The rain was spotty and there was a nice overcast. We only managed small 4 rock bass, nothing that can compare to that LM by xtrema.
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    Sometime we'll have to get the club together and have Adam lead a clinic on how to catch Bass out of the 'Tangy. Would have been nice to get out this week if it wasn't for the weather.
  16. pizza


    I've been fishing the tangy this year too a little bit north of where you are. Doing well on #'s, but nothing huge. Caught a couple eyes (surprising as I've only caught 1 in the past 20 years), and more white bass than usual. Great numbers of rockies and decent # of smallies. It seems clearer than in years past. I've seen a 4+ lb smallie pulled out of the tangy, the key is to know where to fish it when the water is up....