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  1. hi all,

    I was thinking about a float from St. James Road bridge in Marion county to the north part of the reservoir. About 5 miles.

    Is this doable? I have never been to this area and I am afraid maybe the river is just a little stream there?

  2. Right now you will be doing alot of wadding and pulling.

  3. thank you leupy. I will go somewhere else in that case.
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    greg, do hoover dam to 3 creeks park?
  5. wow, hoover to 3 creeks, that is a long way
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    I don't think there is a put-in at St James road. If there is, it isn't convenient and would be kind of a hassle I think. Anyway, the river is super shallow up that way and like someone else said you would be doing more pulling and wading than paddling. Also, there is a lowhead dam about 1/2 mile south of Waldo-Fulton Road. It wouldn't be hard to portage, but just another hassle.

  7. well, we put in at 229 adn paddled up to the above mentioned low-head and back. I found a spot (i probably should not say where) in which EACH cast produced white bass.

    i have never seen such a thing. Each cast - a fish. No matter what lure. Of course I lost some, but after about 15 WB, all about 9 inch, I was just bored.

    Crappies were biting very well too. We had quite a day!