Olentangy 7-1-07 Morning

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  1. Great morning of fishing. I did not catch a lot of fish. Only 7, but all but 1 were 12 in or better. The real bright spot was a 17in smallie off topwater.

    I had several strikes this morning from topwater using the smallest Rapala Skitter Pop.

    Here is the 17 incher. Yes it is still swimming in the river C&R Always !

  2. just go to your gallery and click on the thumbnail of the pic you want to post,to open it to full size.then right click on the pic to bring up the dropdown menue.click on "properties".it will show the {url} of the pic.just copy/paste it in your post by using the image tab at the top of the message box.
    id like to see that fish out of the tangy, i cant never get anything but dinks outa there, guess i need to try some new spots!!!!!

  3. nice fish.
    where abouts in the tangy did u find it? I've been roaming the area north of 750 recently with quite a bit of luck. i may need to venture more to the north or south of there since they are getting used to seeing me
  4. Where were you fishing to catch that smallie?
    I live on campus and i'm lookin for somewhere close to catch some bass.
  5. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    love the skitter pop. started fishing it last year and have seen a big improvement over the pop r, nice fish. the way the rock looks it appears your fishing in my area.