Olentangy 10-14

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  1. I waded the river for the last time this year as duck season will soon be upon us and consuming my time.

    It was very cold but rewarding. I scored 6 smallies and 1 white bass. The smallies were all 14 in or better. The real jewel in the crown was the 18 incher that was te last strike.

    I was using my favorite. A Rapala Skitter Pop SP 5 outfitted with Gamakatsu hooks. He blew up on the lure so hard it was thrown sideways 3 feet. I quickly retrieved and re-cast. He struck it gain and was bending the pole then slack. I popped it a couple more times and another strike. Again took it bent the pole and let go. I got the lure back and the trebles had tangled under the lure which explains why no hook up. Third cast and he hit this time it was a successful hooking. A few minutes later and he was in the net, smiling for pics and released. (I'll make an effort to upload the pic later)


    What a way to end the season :)
  2. Utard


    Sounds like a sweet trip. Very nice fish. Bet he fought like a maniac. Where abouts on the Tangy did you find him?

  3. Nice fish..figure he would have learned his lesson after the first time or two.