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  1. I wanted to try some of the ole Petes casting harnesses, so i called last Friday and talked to Don, and ordered a few different types. I get home today and there in the mail box already. I opened them up and they looked great, at $1.50 each about 1/2 of what i payed last year to buy '' weapons''. That is great service, I will definitely be buying some of his spoons
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    good to hear. Don is a great guy like you found out, and offers even better products. His harnesses are great quality and his spoons are top notch- and they are the only spoons you will find in my boat. I couldnt tell you how many times don has gone out of his way on orders for me, and alot of other people as well. I heard stories of him meeting people at the docks/ramps the morning of a fishing trip just so they would have their orders in hands.

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    His Hair Jigs are the best as well. Fished the reefs on Sunday and all the fish I caught came on his Jigs! The paint, Hair and Hooks hold up very well in the rough reef structure. In fact the one I used was one from last year and still caught fish! George is right his service can't be beat!
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    I got a few worm harnesses from him last fall. Great quality and a good price. I can't wait to try out the magnum blade harness for Mosquito waleyes in a few weeks.