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    Picked up an 8' jonboat last week ,got the title transferred and legit decal today and took it out tnt on the gmr north of Dayton.
    I thought the destination for the evening was closer than it turned out to be and quit rowing upstream after about a mile.I passed up a lot of nice water as it was. I started in a deep trough lined w/ wood on the far bank and got a hard rip but no hookset(pike?). Rowed farther up till I hit a strong riffle/run configuration and pulled up and fished the water.Right at the edge of the fast where it dropped into the deep looked good but did'nt produce.Hmmm,maybe I need to change flies I'm thinkin',so I put on a gray over chartreuse shad-ish rabbit strip fly.On my first cast in a new spot,a deep plunge hole w/ a fast chute up top, I hook and land a 17" saugeye. Next cast a smaller one follows but doesn't take. Next cast a larger one follows but does'nt take. OK,now what. That pink/pearl crystal grub has been good this year so on it goes and in two casts I land both of the followers,one a 15" and the other a fat 21". Pound the rest of that pool hard for one follow-up from a smaller fish and I notice the sun is setting so I get in the boat and start drifting downstream.
    As soon as I get set in my drift I go for the first stand up cast in the boat and on the first cast I hook what I think is a snag after I set hard and curse for a second but see my line ripping sideways and then a 16" smallie going airborn! Sweet! Drop anchor,fight her out to the tune of a rippin jumpfest and bring to hand a fat, bronze,red-eyed, tiger of a fish full of fall spunk and vigor! A couple casts later on down the pool her lil brother whacks the pink grub and tries to do big sis' act but just was'nt as big,about a 12". Drifting on into a deeper section w/ current I'm thinking "saugeye" and sure enugh I feel the nip-nip that often preceeds a take by one of them and I see a modest fish follow almost to the boat but drop back w/o a commitment after the first few taps.Hit it for a few but nothing and I drift on down and pick up a last fish ,a lmb of about 12".
    Water was a nice green color,probably 30" vis and dropping in temp quickly now which is killing off a lot of the algae in the water and on the rocks.Saugeyes are on my "to keep" list of eatin fish and these were no exception. The two smaller fish had food in their stomach,the 17" had a 4" ,partially digested stonecat and the smaller one had a 4" minnow of some sort but too digested to recognize. The biggest was empty.
    Met a landowner on the way out who gave me permission to take out on his nice gravel ramp after giving me a ride back to my truck in his golfcart after we had a beer riverside.Gave me permission for future access too. Turns out he knows a buddy of mine too,their wives are best friends.
    Overall,I'd call it a good night out for the new boat.
    Oh,btw,did I mention? It's a 1961 sea-craft! A 47 y/o boat! Gotta reset the oars and get better locks and a real anchor mount w/ an arm up front and maybe a sidepull operation.
    I'm thinking of putting a small motor on it to fish the lower gmr,any suggestions of HP/size? TC1
  2. That sounds like alot of fun, TC1. I can't even get my boat in the water up here because there isn't any water!

    I have an opinion to share on the motor, but it's just my own opinion. I think you'll find that an outboard on that boat in the river is more of a headache than it's worth. You risk damaging your prop or worse when it gets shallow, unexpectedly, or there's a big rock hidden under the surface. It makes alot of noise and spooks the fish. If it's old, chances are, you'll be fixing it all the time. The transom probably isn't strong enough to support the motor during transport, so you have to take it off and put it back on all the time. If you're by yourself in that little boat, you plus that motor on the back is alot of weight at one end.

    I think you'd be happier with a strong trolling motor (40LB thrust or bigger). You won't go fast, but it beats rowing. The size of the outboard you could put on that thing is limited (5 HP or less) and you'll find that it's not much faster than the trolling motor. That has been my experience with a heavy 12' boat, anyway. Maybe 5 HP on an 8' boat could scoot pretty well, but you have to check the manufacturer's recommended HP rating.

  3. There are a few lakes around here you can get on with a trolling motor that won't allow an outboard also
  4. As usual, great report. Thanks.
  5. Nice story, and the boat is older than me!
  6. i use a 4hp merc 4 stroke on a 10ft john and it pushes it just fine.i have to drag it thru the rapids on the way upstream but that gives me the chance to fish those runs anyway.i fish the lower gmr in it mostly and have no problem as of yet with hitting rocks.i do carry shear pins just in case though.
    i tried a trolling motor but by the time i lugged a battery around and keeping it charged it was a hassle.my deep cell battery out weighs the 4hp plus i have unlimited range.i usually fish about a 12 mile stretch on about a half gallon of gas.
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    Ajax Rapala Snagger

    Nice story. I just inherited an 8' pond prowler with a 17# thrust trolling motor. I'm not going to get it registered until spring. I doubt that I will ever attempt to take it out on a river, but I can't wait to get it out on Cowen or Stonelick for some crappie and bass.
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    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    CFH33,OK,that's along the lines of what I was thinking. Does it have a built-in gas tank or is it a separate tank? I like the 4stroke for not putting out an oil slick like a std 2stroke.Those lil 4strokes are kinda pricey though.
    Was down on the lower gmr today and I think a boat would be very helpful when it gets to that size as you just can't wade back and forth across the river like I prefer. A trolling motor would work up here but the curent is too strong when you get below hamilton where I want to fish.
    Ultimately I'd like to be able to launch,oar down ,motor around and back up.Anyone got a small 4 stroke they wanna sell? TC1