Older Evinrude - Wont Idle

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ErieAngler, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Have an older Evinrude (61) that doesn't like to idle but will runs well otherwise. Have any suggestions? I was thinking about re-building the carbs and changing the fuel filter. I've replaced a lot of the fuel lines as they were cracked and some were leaking a little.
  2. yep your on the right track! also change the plugs and i think the fuel pump and filter are at the same spot so i'd change both...those motors are preety easy to work on so i'm sure you will get it fixed with the above done...

  3. If it runs off a portable tank, try another tank. The pickup tube inside the tank could also be cracked.
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    I had a old rude. Does yours have a magneto system? I had to replace the coil in it a few times. Would idle poorly when weak, than not start at all. What size motor?
  5. Throw some new plugs wires on it if you haven't in a few years.
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    decarb the bugger with some seafowm. it may just be carboned up?
  7. What HP? could be wet or bad points.
  8. ErieAngler

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    Its a 40 hp Evinrude Lark III, Ive replaced the plugs but not the wires with no change. I haven't tried seafoam but have used another form of fuel stablizer / cleaner - no change.

    I'm looking at purchasing some new plug wires, but haven't ordered them yet.

    What are the "points?"
    How would I know if it had a magneto system and what does it look like and do?

    I don't have a book on the motor and I'm fairly unfamiliar with it. I've torn apart the lower unit a couple times (including last night) and replaced a helicoil in the head, but thats about it.

    Thanks for the help!
  9. points are under the flywheel/ring gear...i believe...had this same motor...was a good one and if yours runs but wont idle it cant be to serious imo...pm if needed!
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    My old rude was a 75hp. It had a timing belt around the the flywheel to a round casing, which is the distributor I believe. Inside of that are the points and condenser, easy to do. The coil is not that easy. If you have this, you will have to reset your timing, easy to do if you have a manual. You don't need any special tools. Line up the marks is good enough.
  11. A motort of that vintage is likely a magneto system. Pull the flywheel. When loostening the flywheel nut, secure the flywheel with a strapwrench. DO NOT put the motor in gear and apply torque against a blocked propeller. This will bend or break the driveshaft (been there - done that). Do not use a jaw type puller, this can crack the wheel. The flywheel should have 3 tapped holes in it for a bolt type puller. I got as harmonic balancer puller at sears that does the trick.

    Once the flywheel is off, a magneto system has 2 sets of points, 2 coils, and 2 condensers. Any of these could be bad. The ignition parts are normally available at NAPA stores for considerably less than your local marine dealer.
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    I was fortunate, I never had to pull the flywheel. I could change points, condenser, and coil without removing it. But yes, there are things under the flywheel that can go bad.
  13. ErieAngler

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    Just out of curiousity, how would bad points keep the motor from wanting to idle?

    Thanks for all the help guys.
  14. I've got a great running Lark I'll sell you, use it as a parts motor or run it on a boat, all controls, 2 tanks, 2 spare props, 150.00, Fremont area. Down sizing to a 9.8 tiler, has been fired up this year yet, but will do the first start up in front of you so you know it's not junk. Was going to post it soon, would be great for parts for yours.
  15. fishingguy

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    Bad points = weak or intermittent spark. Shows up as a miss at high speed or poor or no idle. Points send the spark to the plugs, without it the cylinder does not fire.