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Old State Park

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. Well, since teh Beacon Journal did the story, that justifies us at TV 23 doing the story. I'm heading out to talk to teh park manager about it here in a half hour or so. Like I always say, why take the lead and do a story first when you can wait for someone else to do it? TV news sucks.
  2. hahahaa...:D
    Its better then none at all for me...
    I like to keep somewhat informed then come to my own opinion;)

  3. Well, it's in there. Very general, BUT>>>>\

    I did talk with the park manager for awhile though. He even showed me the plans for it. It's going to be beautiful.

    I'll post some details later. I need to go home, the wife is working tonight.
  4. OK, some details...

    How does a 3 lane concrete ramp sound? Restrooms with running water? Picnic pavilion? Courtesy docks? Rigging lanes? They have REALLY done the homework on the upgrades fellas. It's going to be SWEET once it gets done. They have even added overflow parking at the park ramps to accomodate.

    I talked with the park manager today and he says if anyone has questions, to call the office and he'll fill you in. With that in mind, I did set the groundwork for something of interest. The park manager, Mr. Andrews, will be a speaker at one of our upcoming Summit Sportsmens Association meetings in Akron. Once I firm up the date, I'll post it. He'll have the actual plans of what will take place and be able to answer any questions you may have. We talked of channel dredging, rip/rap walls, all sorts of OVERDUE improvements. Heck, with 2.2 million going into it, it's going to be awesome.
  5. There Goes Our Ice Fishing . Now Where Are We Gonna Go For First Ice Bd?
  6. I'll find us a place, my friend. LOL.

    They also said they're raising the parking area's elevation 3 to 5 feet! If you want to see OSP the way it was, get out there between now and Jan 3!! They already have the trees they want removed marked.

    Personally, I can't wait to attend a call of nature in a facility that doesn't REEK of creosote. Sorry, Mr. Creosote...No offense....
  7. Sounds like a very much needed improvement to that facility. Still, for someone that fishes alone alot, their launching alternatives for next summer leave alot to be desired. :( Guess I'll have to find someone to share my boat with me! :confused: :rolleyes: :D
  8. They have designated an overflow parking area down by the beach to handle some of the extra traffic. It will be hectic at times, but the reward of a new, much improved ramp site and park will be well worth it.
  9. are you guys talking about the portage lakes old state park ramps?
  10. Yes. The whole area will be closed from January thru November 2005 for a complete and long overdue upgrade.
  11. wow Iam really excited, where can i read more about this at?. we have wed. night tourneys there every Wed. during the summer, looks like we are going to have to move to the new ramps. Thanks for any info
  12. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    won't the tourneys be a great inconveinece to the recreational boater? seems like much over crowding will occur.
  13. There will still be tourneys there. There will be a big increase in traffic at the new SP ramps, BUT, there is overflow parking, and I'm pretty sure there will be park staff around to help with the congestion. Just be patient and accept the fact that there will be more issues to deal with, and prepare for them. Sometimes, I REALLY wish people would think of the greater good than their own individual desires.

    If you'd like to call teh park office, the manager, Brian Andrews, will be more than happy to talk with you and show you the improvements they're talking about.
  14. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Carl, I heard something about them putting in new ramp on the East side of the swim area for boaters to pick up their buddies after parking in the HUGE swim parking lot? Know anything about that?
  15. Not a ramp Jim, they're putting in courtesy docks there so when guys launch and have to park in the overflow lot near the beach, they don't have to walk all the way back to the ramp.
  16. You're right Big 'D', it will be worth the wait and the inconvienience to have a nice upgraded facility. I was meerly pointing out some of the problems the closing will cause and that people need to adjust to them.
  17. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Thanks Carl. Now that you mention it, a dock is what he said. ;)
  18. I hear you Mayfly. ;)

    It is going to be a long overdue improvement. When I schedule the park manager as a speaker for one of our upcoming SSA meetings, I'll post it and anyone who wants to from here can come to the meeting as my guest to see the actual plans and hear all the details from Mr. Andrews himself.
  19. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    I was wondering why they put those docks by the beach this year. I guess I'll keep my bike in the back of the truck since I usually fish alone. 9 times out of 10 I am one of the first at the ramp anyway. I am looking forward to the improvement. The 4th of July will be real interesting this year. It is bad enough after the fireworks with 2 operational ramp sites.
  20. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension mouse potato

    so when its all done, do we call the old state park the new state park and the new state park the old state park? lol i'm so confused :D

    no seriously, i couldnt stand those "ramps".
    hope they dont forget to add some lighting to the place for those late incomers
    nothing like:
    1 backing up
    2 stop rig
    3 get out
    4 look
    5 adjust rig
    go back to 1

    :) ;)