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Old State Park Yesterday

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by greg3891, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. Was at old state park yesterday, and had a good Day. lots of bluegill,several crappie, a 16 inch bass on 2lb test line and a pinman, two 15 inch bass on my tip-ups, a nice mess for the fryer mmm mmm, also they said they were going to shut the park down monday. They were starting work out there yesterday. I will post some pics if i can figure this out. Pray for cold this sucks.
  2. Sounds Like A Blast! I Havent Made It Out On The Ice Yet But Winter Isnt Over. Warm Weather Doesnt Stop Some Though, 4 Shanties On Mosquito Today. Not Me! ;)

  3. do u think that the lake will still be safe tommarow
  4. I wouldnt trust the shoreline ice possibly if you use a plank to get away from shore
  5. With a low of 40 tonight and highs back into the upper 40's tomorrow, I wouldn't trust it, but that's just me.