Old State Park 2/17/08

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  1. Well, headed back out in the rain today for another try with Prez. This time, I brought Nick along too. Gills were there, caught 3 nice keepers fairly quickly, then dinks... Prez got a BIG bass on a jig tipped w/ minnow. Had to be 5 pounds... You can see him straining to hold it steady...:D


    But then, I told him to let Nick hold it and show him how it was done. Walt just isn't used to holding up those big fish!


    Fun couple of hours on teh ice, that's for sure. LOTS of water and it's flowing into the holes! That means it'll be working up from the underside today... BE VERY CAREFUL on the ice.
  2. Sweet catch! Good job fellas!

    Looks slippier as sin out there. Everyone stayed upright I hope!:D

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    Great pic's, I'm glad you guy's got back out.....Checked barometer a while ago and it went from yesterday's 30.4 to todays 29.6, that can crank'm up... Shortly, one of the future rains will mark the end of the season....only no one can tell just which one that will be... Nice fish....... glad you had fun. Jon Sr.
  4. Nice job guys. :B They are alot of fun through the ice.
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    Nice Bass we caught some were we were fishing today.
    About the water running into the holes it kept our bobbers moving with out moving them manually and also moved the bait to help us catch fish-kinda cool lol!
    Thanks for sharing
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    I stopped in at PartyLine bait and beverage about 7:30 AM yesterday. She said all kinds of people were in buying bait. I was a little suprised and drove over to the Old Sate Park and sure enough about 8 shanties were set up out there. You guys are crazy going out on that ice.
    I hit the eastern Ohio spillways instead.
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    I didn't see any mention of ice thickness. Anyone care to elaborate. It would be nice to get out one or two more days before it ends. Of course I'll wait a few more days, let a few of these cold days and nights that are on the way, set in!
  8. hey snake, capt scott here. fished skeeter on sunday and the ice was still 5-7 inches thick on the north end. the fishin was slow only a couple of keeper walleyes in the three hours i fished it. man was that a wet a## day!!!! fished a lake today and it still had 4-5 inches of good ice on it so after this cold snap there should be no problems. later man!
  9. Both Sat. and Sun., there was a good 5 inches. Sunday, there was a lot of water on top and some white ice, but little or know slush.

    Not sure about Monday.