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    I inherited Grandpa's old gear. Not much to show for in the tackle box, but he's got some old steel rods and reels that are pretty cool. Here's some oldies, that would probably still work today.


    and some other interesting ones...


    and of course I got his junk box, that he could not give up...I have the same problem..lol

  2. If you get them untangled you might get a reel or two out of it!:D I have seen the double spinner deal before though.(Top one) Should still catch fish!:B

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    I see Johnson Reels......Shakespere......Langley... and lord knows what else.....Man..... a time frame of treasures (Gramp's Gear) just enjoy as you sort thru it......How many times did he touch all that stuff. Lures are "cool" and your very right, they'd probably catch fish to day.......... Jon Sr.
  4. Cool stuff there......

    I have seen of them weight forwrd spinners in my dad's box......

    I bet some of them fly reels are a real gem in there....

  5. HARLE96; At a glance I would say you have more collectable's in that box than you have fishing articles, If you can find an honest collector he will tell you what is worth money and what is not. Be careful I had a good friend who collected lures, and he saw something in a tackle box , the women wanted $20 for the whole box, he bought it when we got in the car and was leaving , his remark was there is a ------ in there and it is worth $55. Don't sell to the first guy that comes by.
    P.S. I see atleast one Mitchel 300 last time I saw one at a flea market it was selling for $30.
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