Old School Outing. Steelhead style!!!!

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    So I am sitting here thinking....that is scary in itself...but I wanted to bounce this off you guys. Seems the steelhead bug has bit alot of guys that I have seen online, as well as those I have spoken with.

    From what I can see, we have alot of new people that are interested in steelhead fishing, and alot of people who actually know what they are doing. And while I fit into the category of "knowing probably as little than anyone" category, I was wandering....

    Those of you guys that would be willing to teach others how to catch them, and those of us whom would love the oportunity to learn, should get together on a day where we could go to a river during the steelhead season, and enjoy each others company while hopefully catching a few fish. Quite possibly even a wall out in the mouths of the rivers at Erie would work. I don't think we would be able to fill the Fairport Harbor "Long Wall" to capacity, so maybe thats an option.

    I can only speak for myself, but catching fish would be the bonus, what I really would want to gain is to learn more about them, as well as the fellowship, and meeting all the members that love steelheading this time of year.

    I was thinking more like the old school format of which there is no frills, no prizes, no food, no tourneyment, no time limit, just good ole fishing. More of the K.I.S.S. method I guess.

    I have no idea if anyone is interested, but I am sure the newbies would jump at this, but what we would really need is guys that have the knowledge and willingness to teach others. I am sure none of the newbies want to know your secret spots, but rather just A spot to attempt to catch fish, and to learn how to better catch them.

    I have seen it posted online before, where the experienced steelheaders say "can you believe what I seen today, that guy had no idea what he was doing. Or, he spooked the fish because...." Well, what better way to inform and teach others than to set something up and not only us newbies learn from you, but you also laughin at us make the mistakes that you once made.

    I guess my questions to those of you whom are successful steelheaders is this....

    1. is it even possible to get space on the river bank or breakwall during a weekend that could sustain the ammount of both newbies and experienced guys fishing at the same place and time?

    2. Is it possible to get enough guys experienced to teach the in-experienced?

    3. Do you experienced guys think this is a good idea?

    I am up for any and all suggestions as well. I was thinking mid to late October time, on the weekend, so that we have a good chance at getting some good numbers of fish, as well as time to put something like this together.

    So what do all ya chromers and hope to be chromers think???

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    fishingful Time to fish!

    i think fairport is the best place not that i fished anyplace else for them but that wall is at least a mile long so i think it would be a good place to be at to hold this kind of thing with the room that is their to use............jim

  3. Would be best to start off away from the water. Let the teachers speak and show without the distractions which you will have at the water, Break it down to those using spinning gear and then flyrod. Hardbaits, softbaits and fly patterns.
    We used the dry land technique to teach at the Castalia Hatchery then the teachers split up the group and went to the water to discuss reading the stream, refresh the methods and then, finally fish.
    If you start right on the water your resuilts will not be as good unless there are enough teachers to go one on one.
    This is only a suggestion based on what has worked in other instances.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    good suggestion.... depending on the ammount of interest, I am sure we could make something like Shortdrift says work.

  5. Sounds like an outing in the works!

    If a group of guys were to go to "the wall" I would think that if you know how to cast, then you can fish it. Casting spoons and spinners for steelies is fairly elementary there. It can get pretty mundane (and sometimes boring) but its a great way to catch steelies early in the year.

    Another option would be floating a jig & maggot combo there as well. Pretty simple tackle and its relatively easy to do. Again, that's about as simple as it can get at Fairport Harbor. I would think either the short or long pier would be a great starting point for this outing.

    You could start there and maybe hit the river in the afternoon/early evening. The crowds would not be as bad as it is at first light and you may have more room to experiment too. I think Shortdrift also has a great idea about starting on shore first prior to hitting the river. That would be great if that could come together.

    I would be more than happy to give my two cents on what to throw at the pier. As for river fishing, I've been doing it now for about 5 years and still consider myself a "beginner". There is a lot to learn that goes into river fishing and everytime I go out I learn something new.

    Let's see how much interests this generates...
  6. dfox


    A get togather sounds good to me. I've never fished the piers (yet), but love fishing the rivers. When the first good run heads up the river lets see how many people want to go. If its not to many we could kind of pair up experienced people with beginners. I've got a ton of eggs! If you guys want to do the pier I might be interested as well
  7. I did and it was your brain on fire but seriously I'm in
  8. DFox: What kind of eggs do you have and are they fresh?
  9. I think hitting Fairport or Headlands is a good idea compared to the rivers. Once the fish come in the rivers, you'll have a bunch of guys crowded around small holes. It would be wise to go in small groups,3 or 4 at the most. Even though those walls are a mile long, on the weekends, they are pretty packed. Pymybob is right, throwing spoons doesn't really take much skill. If you have thrown any lure in the past, this is easy. It's just important to be throwing the right thing. As far as using bait, it would be nice to have an "expert" show you things as far as depth, color, bobber type, jig size, and using flurocarbon. There are a few other helpful hints people have, like using WD-40.

    I would be interested in showing some newbies around on the piers. I am an expert by no means, but have caught a lot of steelhead in the rivers and piers. In fact, most of my fish were caught in the same place last year (about 200 total), so I could use a little help on the rivers myself. I think once they catch a few, they'll realize the setup is pretty simple, and it's a matter of just finding a good hole when you're in the rivers.
  10. Im In For The Learning Part...i Know Some Stuff But Very Little About Steelies/
  11. Too bad i'm 4+ hours away at school or I would be there. Hopefully I can learn the hard way...trial and error.
  12. DFox, 1st of all WELCOME to the site ( finally found something that interested you, huh? :D)
    The best "run" of steelies ISN'T in the rivers, it's when they are staging at the mouth of a river. It's not unlikely for 5000 thousand (or more) steelies to be within a half mile of a river's mouth this time of year...and that's the key...THIS time of year. So if any of you Erie guys would let us river guys know if you're picking up good numbers...that would be great.

    Sounds like a great idea Ben and btw, the bar isn't gone....just the tire that's been there since last July.

    Summer fishin' sucks...bring on the real fish
  13. That sounds like a great idea. I have known the area for years, but have never learned to fish it or any other river really. Any help would be greatly appreciated . I have only fished for steelies twice with no success I could use to learn anything ..
  14. I believe an outing of this type could be a lot of fun if properly planned out and conducted in a working school type presentation.
    Members of the varous steelhead club's in our area can provide you with the opportunity to venture out, one on one, with a seasoned steelheader. I belong to the Ohio Central Basin Steelheaders and have learned a lot from the members as well as guest speakers at our monthly meetings. If you are interested, PM me for more information.
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    with the rain and cool weather the steelhead run may be on. Im probably going tuesday at daylight for a couple hours. If anyone wants to hook up at the chagrin let me know. email is hwwpout@aolcom I'm curious what kind of responce this gets. I'll post again with the # of emails etc.
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    Well I've proven time and time again that I can catch bass and absolutly nothing else that I try to catch. I'd be up for it. I always have a great time when we get together.
  17. Saintmatthew mentions that people fish for salmon in the rivers. Do people actually go out and target salmon around here? I have heard of small cohos being caught very randomly, but that's it. I've talked to experienced anglers who have also said they've never caught a coho in 30 years.
  18. They use to be stocked but the return was so bad it was stopped...
    THANK GOD for the Little Manistee River (Mich.) strain steelhead :D
  19. I'd be up for it too! I've starting steelhead fishing two years ago with the first year having my luck on a wall and last year all of my luck in the river. So, I'm still learning and Steelhead season is what I look forward to all year long. So I can't wait and this is a great idea.