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  1. bought a house back in May and with it came one of those HUGE "old School" satellite dish's mounted on a 6inch diameter, 25ft pole. are you still able to get the recievers, and get channels for these things? any value in them as far as scrap/materials? was contemplating taking the dish part down before winter hits and maybe erecting a bird house up there or maybe a small windmill. the pole would be a major pain to remove.
  2. Look in to FTA
    (Free-to-air (FTA) television (TV) and radio broadcasts are sent unencrypted and may be received via any suitable receiver:

    Free-to-view (FTV) is, generally, available without subscription but is digitally encoded and may be restricted geographically. Neither of these is pay-TV, which is an encrypted subscription (or pay-per-view) service.

    FTA is sometimes delivered by satellite television, but in various parts of the world free-to-air television channels are broadcast unencrypted on UHF or VHF bands.)

    I dont have a dish any more but was looking at one of these for my parsnts in Florida.

  3. I was wondering the same thing. I still have my old school dish w/all the electronics. Everything still in tip top condition but probably worthless by now. Back in the day you could get quality programming for a fraction of the cost of cable or direct tv, then they started scrambling everything worth watching.

    Never been on ebay so I have no idea if anyone is still buying those things. Let us know what you find out.
  4. You will probably have to get a digital lnb to use a low cost free to air receiver the analog receivers are still used but as I understand it they are a little pricey. C band programming is still available to purchase but it is structured different than we are used to. They offer programming packages but mainly sell per channel wanted and is usually billed in yearly increments. The overall savings is modest but you beat the hassle of cable and sat providers gouging you and their always increasing prices. The truth be known most free to air receivers are made so that the firmware can be easily upgraded by a third party. The reason for upgrading firmware is that a shadow third party can write firmware that will unincrypt regular dish network or canadian bell express view and their is no legal trail to the receiver manufacturer. The firmware is available in the internet. Basically you end up with a completely open receiver capable of receiving anything in the air. So with this technology available the C band dishes are going by the wayside. It is a cat and mouse game and for the layman who wants reliable easy service their is no alternative to a legitimate provider. I heard the canadian fishing shows are great though ;)
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    I still use mine. I just had to replace the actuator on it last week. I thought about going with a small dish till I looked at the programing cost. I pay about half what a small dish would cost me.
    Most channels are digital now and very few analog. To receive digital you would need a "4DTV" receiver and nothing else. (assuming your dish is getting a good signal) FireMurph is correct on FTA MPEG-2 system. The FTA receiver would run $200 or less and no programing cost but you have to get lnbf.
    They also now have a a system out now called a DSR-410 (if I had to replace my 4DTV receiver this is what I would go with) Receiver runs about $130 and your dish stays on one satellite and doesn't need to move. Here is a link.

    My thought is if you still have one of them big ugly dishes in your yard might as well use it. Still cheaper in the long run than cable.
  6. Take it down now so when we get the next big snow you and 15 of your friends will be ready for sledding ;)
  7. ha ha ha

    you could turn it into a john boat too.
  8. Old satellite dishes are West Virginia's state flower so you should consider yourself extremely lucky to have one in your yard! LOL
  9. hmmm, you know, that is a good idea! if we do it i will definatley have lots of pics!:p
  10. Anybody had a need for a old Dishnetwork dish? Probably about 7 years old. Free to good home.