Old Rod?

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  1. I have a old spinning fishing rod ,made by Garcia, that was my grandfathers. I used to use it a lot when i was a kid before i knew much about fishing. For a long time i used it with a casting reel. I managed to break off two of the eye loops. Now that i know the difference between spinning and casting and ultralight and medium action. I would like to have this rod repaired to use for my crappie rod. Is there anyone around the akron/barberton area that will do a good job? Or is it even worth getting done?

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    It would really depend on the value to you. You can buy the eyelets online or check with Land Big Fish I'm sure they carry them and do it yourself probably cheaper.

  3. Its probably an old fiberglass. I saw some nice graphite rods at Gander or Dicks on sale for about $20. Don't waste your time...