Old Johnson (outboard) question

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  1. Hi Folks.
    I have a 1980 9.9HP Johnson outboard that has sat un-used in a garage for around 25 years. It was stored upside down, with what looks like oil leaking on the outside. My question... is it worth taking to a repair guy to get it fixed or should I just buy a new merc? Any idea how much something like this might cost?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Had a 1957 10 hp stored for 35 years. I put in new coils, conderser and points, also sprayed Break Free into the cylinders (plugs pointed up) to make sure the rings were free, installed new plugs and it started on the third pull.
    I'm sure a good dealer could do the work for a lot less than a new motor. Call around and get a few guesstimates. Norton Marine in Akron are one of the best around but may not want to work on a motor that old. Bridges Marine in Cuyahoga Falls will work on the older motors. Knox Marine does good work. Parma Marine may be able to help you.

  3. Thanks Shortdrift!
  4. Oil leakage is probably from lower end as the motor s/b a 2 cycle. You probalably just need it fill it back up. I'd take the spark plug out and pull the rope a couple of times to make sure the piston isn't frozen. Migth need to spray some lubricant in there. If it pulls easy, put the plug back in (or a new one) and fire it up....Got a old Johnson from the 50's that still runs even though it sits for 5-10 years at a time.
  5. all mf my motors are from the pre-70's they run great.
  6. I have an '81 70 hp that runs perfect.
  7. Ed,
    Why take the chance? Show 'em your Visa and get the new merc! In the meantime, I'll take the old one off your hands. :) :)

    On the serious side, I bought a motor that had been stored OUTSIDE for 10 years. It runs like a champ! It's a '78 9.9 Johnson. The oil leaking through the top of your motor may very well be a good thing as in it kept things lubed up during all that time.

  8. Thanks for the great advise guys!