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old johnson 5.5?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by rac123, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. hey, I 've aquired a 5.5 cream and bronze johnson outboard. it has less than 25-30 hrs on it!has original spark plug and the paint is not burned off the head!got it from a retired army officer that has since passed.told me he was going to fish but never got around to it,took it to canada twice.It has been at least 10 yrs since ran, what maintenance or stuff should I check out?I checked lower unit,no water looks like new!probably will need carb work??the title says 1962.any help appreciated ! would like to use this on the river this summer. :confused:
  2. Don't start assuming that a lot of work is needed. Lay the motor down horizontally with the plugs pointing up. Squirt some "Break Free" or WD40 into the cylinders, replace the plugs and let it sit for a day. Remove the plugs and try to slowly turn the motor over. Give it a couple slow pulls then put about 5 or six drops of gun oil into each cylinder (again with the plug pointing up and let sit for a few hours. Now bolt the motor onto something so it sits like it is on a boat transom, remove the plugs and pull it over several times like you were trying to start it. Take a new spark plug and attach a plug wire, ground the plug base to a part of the head that has no paint (clean metal) and again pull over and watch for spark. Do this to both cylinders. If no spark, then you should check the coils for cracks and the condition of the points as well as the wiring. If you have spark you can now try to start the motor. Use the correct gas/oil mix, choke the motor several times as the carb was completely dry and try to start it. You may have to re-clean the new plugs a couple times due to all the oil. Once it starts to run (and there will be a lot of burned oil smoke) check to see that it is pumping water. Chances are the impeller is dried and set which will result in low or no cooling water being pumped. At least you now have it running and can replace the impeller. I did this to my 1957 Johnson 10 after 25 years of not being used and I replaced all the ignition components. Motor ran like new.:D
    It is worth the time and cost to bring that motor up to snuff as those old ones never seem to wear out. I have my Dad's 1948 5hp and it still runs perfectly. Good luck and enjoy. :)

  3. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    The fuel mixture for that motor is 20-1. Hep, that's an oldie but goodie. I still have a 5.5 (56) model that runs like new.
  4. I figured it was a "keeper"! I want to use it on the Muskingum this summer, will make for a lot of fun!!thanks Shortdrift and Dale too! will let you know how it "runs"!----rick
  5. hearttxp

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    Don't know where you are at ? But there is a guy in Port Clinton that works on the old stuff, Mark, at Outboard Motor Repair. He has worked on three different old motors for me over the years. He is reasonalble on his repair prices. Don't have his Number but can get it if you want. He is on Lakeshore just over the Drawbridge and just past the Moose Club. I also belive that motor is a 24 to 1 oil to gas mixture. I just pick up a 1953 5 1/2 hp johnson. Also have two 1958 35 hp Evinrudes and a 18 hp 1959 Johnson. Does you motor have a 6 gal tank ?
  6. nope this one has a 2.5? gal.portable tank. will need to get some new hose for it and get it cleaned out real good.
  7. I Run A 4-35 Hp Side By Side On A 14v. The 4 Is A 76 And The 35 Is A Seahorse. The Lower End Should Be Drained And Refilled With Oil After You Hang The Motor In A Spot To Check End Drive For Leaks Or Water. After You Gain Confedence In It, Once A Year Change! :)
    Some People Drain Fuel From Motors And Tanks. Bad-news! ;)
    Dries Gaskets And O-rings! Dont Be Afraid To Use Fuel Stab.
    Jig :)