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  1. Heading up to Olcott on Monday and Tuesday. I'm pretty new to fishing that area and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to get my hands on some big kings! If anyone else is going to be in that area then, let me know and we can help each other try to figure them out.
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    I was there two weeks ago. The reports for right now, are that the fish are right outside the harbor. Start in 60' of water and work your way out to 120'. Work back and forth between those two depths both west and east of hte harbor. They should be hitting on mag spoons, dodger and fly combo's and J-plugs. Be on the water early. Before the sun comes up. Run glow baits until sunrise. Evenings are also productice. We normally get back on the water around 3 or 4 and fish until after dark. Make sure you check the drag on your reels. They should be just tight enough to keep a good bend in the rod on the riggers or keep the dipsie from pulling drag at normal troling speed. Speed should be around 2.5.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Rbud,
    The fish should be in close, probably in the 20-40 ft range actually, maybe alittle deeper. Most guys run J-plugs, spoons and flashers and flies now. Glow army truck, silver bullet and cut plug j -plugs are usually hot now, as are white glow flashers with green flies. As far as spoons go these are what usually work for me in close, Watermelon, monkey puke, black nk28 spooked up, green dolphin and I ALWAYS have a firetiger in the water. At the mouth put your j-plugs out 100-150 ft back off your downrigger and put your downrigger ball down just 2-3 feet, ( this is in about 20 ft of water range.) the fish will be hugging bottom at this time of year, so run your dipseys close to bottom. Play wuth your speed sometimes they like it faster 2.5 and above, but i've had days when they wouldn't hit anything unless it was going 1.8- 2.1. If there is a lot of boat traffic shorten up your leads behind your riggers and run the balls deeper. Hope this helps good luck, I will probably be back up in a week or two.
    mommas 25lb12oz male king caught at olcott in august [​IMG]
  5. Well, I made it up there and the trip started out kinda ruff (literally) but ended up great. Monday afternoon we got up there and the forcasted light south winds turned to east/northeast and it was pretty choppy out there. Went out anyways and went 0 for 1 on a nice king. The fish broke my 20lb. mono and swam around the boat with my spin doctor dangling off the side of him. The big tease! I'm never fishing with 20lb. test again for those fish. Tuesday was much better. We started right out in front of the harbor just before light in 15 to 30 fow. The fish were boiling all over the place. (I wish I had a casting rod) In that first hour or so we ended up hooking 4 fish and catching 3. I thought I had switched out all my leader material to 30lb, but the one rod that I missed ended up getting a huge hit and broke off after about a 120' run. Oh well. The best thing for us in the early morning was J-plugs (glow before light and chartruse/silver/pink after sun up) and a shallow diving firetiger husky jerk off a jet 10. We were running both of these off inline boards 80 to 100 feet back. After things slowed down we started moving in and out to deeper water anywhere from 40 to 130 fow. It seemed that 50 fow seemed to treat us best as and we caught 3 more fish. Mountain dew spin dockor with a blue and white fly down 40 feet on the down rigger caught had 3 hits. At about noon we caught our last and biggest fish off a pearl and sliver proking spoon that was behind a dipsy about 40' down. Overall on the day, we were 6 for 8 with 4 kings and 2 cohos. Kings were 20, 15, 15, and 8lbs, and the cohos were 6 and 3 lbs. Overall a great trip and a great day. The kings were pretty dark but the meat turned out to be pretty darn good for the exception of one hen. But I'm putting her on the smoker tommorrow to see how that turns out. I'ld post pics if I knew how but I havent figured that one out yet. Thanks to those who gave me pointers for the trip!