Okuma reel repair?

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  1. I need some repair on okuma convector cn 20 d reel. I recieved as a gift for x-mas '06. I used it a few times and had no promblems. Took out a friend and he said it would not crank and just to SHOW ME he forced the handle then a loud pop. well handle now spins free but thats it. Any suggestions on where to go? thanks
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    rodmakers shoppe. strongsville ohio .corner of rt 82 and rt 237.or erie reel works eriereelworks.com for info.it is in independance ohio off i 77 near cleveland.

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    If you want to drop it off to me in Lodi, I can send it back to the company for you.
  4. The friction control knob on one of my Okuma's went overboard a few years ago. I called Okuma service and told them the reel was out of warranty and asked how much for a new knob. They insisted on sending me a new knob free of charge -- no questions asked. I'm not crazy about their reels but their service dept is top notch.