Oklahoma Jumps Texas

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Fishstix, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. What do you guys think of this? I look at it in two different scenario's. First, Oklahoma should have never jumped Texas due to the fact that Texas beat them head-to-head on a neutral site.

    Second, Oklahoma has beat two opponents in the last two week's that made up a significant amount of computer points to pass Texas. The beat the #2 and #12 teams in consecutive weeks, all while putting up 60+ points in each game.

    If you ask me, Oklahoma shouldn't have jumped Texas due to the head-to-head defeat. But, IMO, Oklahoma and Florida are the two hottest teams in the nation. Wouldn't that be a sweet BCS Championship match-up?

    What do you guys think?
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    Florida will be the #1 team if they beat Alabama and if that happens they will play for the championship.

  3. Texas should be #2, but like Bigdaddy said at the end of the season it will be Florida at #1, and hopefully Texas at #2 like it should be, but i HATE the BCS , its time for a playoff system in college football. And when we are on the topic how is U.S.C higher then Penn. State when Penn. State killed an O.S.U team which beat U.S.C
  4. OSU lost to both teams, and USC's loss came earlier and to a better team than Iowa in Oregon State.
  5. The BCS continues to prove that the "body of work" means less than what have you done lately. Texas beat OU head to head on neutral site...not sure what more they need to do. I guess the bottom line is if you win them all (in on eof the BCS Conferences) your pretty much guaranteed to go to the NC game.

    BTW-Bob Stoops makes me sick.

  6. The O.S.U i was talking about was Oregon State University