Okie noodling

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by truck, May 25, 2005.

  1. Anybody else see this show on last night?It was about catching catfish with your hands,and of course a fish fry after.
  2. I misse dit last night, but I have seen a show or two about it. I wish I had taken that on when I was younger. It looks like fun, but also looks physically very difficult and risky.

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    What channel was it on?
  4. A friend of mine and I use to do it when we drinking and not hooking anything. Wear gloves if you plan on trying it. Even small channels can clamp down pretty good!!! There is another name for it and I can't think of what it is.
  5. It was on the nature channel down here #14-16,there website is Okie noodling .com They are having a toury again soon.These guys get chewed up by beavers,turtles and snakes :confused:
  6. I tried it once in a deep hole in Darby Creek. I dove down and started feeling around, touched something that was soft craped my pants and swam out of there as fast as I could! I'm pretty sure I was just touching mud on the bottom but I was in a hole about 6 foot deep and holding onto a big tree that was down in there, my mind was playing tricks on me. I can see the adrenaline rush you would get from it but I never tried again.
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    I go for turtle and always thought it would be cool to try for cats sometime......One day I will get up enough nerve to start reachingf for some catfish, but I need to find a good spot to do it.....I know of a place I would liek to try, but we would need a decent dry spell before I would do it.
  8. Word of warning it is illegal in ohio :)