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OK so the water is high and muddy...

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by atrkyhntr, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. ... but I still have time to fish and would like to give it a go...
    What should I use and how should I fish?
    Been told to super size my spawn sacs anything else?
    At the rocky those fish must stack up somewhere before heading up I was thinking of trying by the ramps... Think?
    I need to get out... smelt just aint getn it anymore :)
    Onemore thing...
    When using spawn sacs how do you hook yours hook exposed or not?

    THANKS in advance
  2. i have found out at conneaut this year when it was high and muddy that they wanted pink egg sacks. they also wanted them small about the size of a dime maybe even smaller. i fished two weeks ago there and it was high and muddy and we did real well all week. hope this helps

  3. THANKS man...
    I need all the help I can get...
    Very new at this steelhead stuff...
    Fished for trout back in Pa where I learned alot about stream fishing but rivers are another animal all together for me...
    Did you fish those on a float or on the bottom?
  4. Dingo


    Most fish that I have seen caught around the ramps over the past few weeks have been smaller (jacks). Larger trout can be caught in high water conditions, but not as productive as in conditions closer to prime. Spawn or powerbait (red paste) sacked in pink or bright red can be productive in the right areas. Find some slack water areas out of the main flow, and fish may be present. Stay flexible to move around quite a bit, since not all areas will hold fish. If you find a good spot, you can really clean up. My largest this spring came in a slack area behind an obstruction with the river over a foot high and less than 6" of visibility.

    I normally fish the powerbait or spawn under a float in high water conditions to more easily control the position of the bait.
  5. THANKS man...
    I'd like to tag along one day if we can ever hook-up just to watch and learn... snap a few pics too... then go off on my own...
    I watched anglers sunday using minnows under floats but thats not my style I'd rather go find them not them me...
    I purchased the felt lined boot bottoms and now feel it may slow me down due to having to walk in the water more then on land so it may inhibit my ability to cover more areas... I am thinking of taking them back and getting the unlined ones...
    What do you think?
  6. Dingo


    Felt boots are fine EXCEPT for when there is snow on the ground. Then, you are faced with inches of hard ice stuck to the bottom of the boot. I use studded rubber during the winter months, felt in early fall and late spring. I'll wear oversize basketball/court shoes over my stocking foot waders (wal-mart special, under ten bucks) when a lot of walking is planned.
  7. I was going to purchase the stocking waders but after having back surgery I can't bend over like I use to and its tuff getting any footware on...
    I was thinking of getting some hip boots for those long walks.. THINK?
  8. hay atrkyhntr i am not sure where you are located but i fish conneaut alot you are more than welcome go go with me any time you would like i ahve some good spots there that i fish i fish with a flot all the time. and just use differnt baits like jig egg sacks or anything else i can get them to hit. i like hour 15 mins from there but i can go anytime it is good fishing
  9. Sounds good...
    Another member, shortdrift, also wants to hit conneaut too...
    We could all meet there one day...
    I live in Cleveland not far from the rocky...
  10. any time you guys want to hook up let me know i go every weekend when it is good to fish. never fished the rocky but have always wanted to try it maybe some time we cam hook up and go there to
  11. Steelie Junkie

    Steelie Junkie Banned

  12. gezzzzzzzzz I'd have been fishing the wrong areas... THANKS MAN
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