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  1. I just moved in with my girlfriend and need to find a place in Medina area to find bait such as minnows and wax worms and what ever catches my eye. Is Litchfield the only place that is the closest to me ? Thanks in advance.........Rich
  2. good luck i live in brunswick during the winter and the best bait shop around is the rodmakers shop on the corner of prospect and 82. but they don't carry live minnows. hope this helps u. go to the rodmakers and ray will help you with anything you need.

  3. The Rod Makers is in Strongsville. Probably the best tackle shop away from Lake Erie. Used to be a hunting and fishing store on Court St in Medina. Don't know if it is still there or not. Don't think that he carried minnows though. Wasn't to far north of the square.
  4. As others have mentioned, the Rodmakers Shop is a good place to go. I'll get worms and nightcrawlers from garden or back yard. Otherwise, I think Walmart on 42 north of the square has a small cooler by their outdoor's counter that has worms and/or nightcrawler...maybe waxies. We'll sometimes order waxworms and have them shipped and split them up amongst the Medina Gang. As far as minnows in Medina, I have a permission to access some private property and get on a stretch of the North Fork of Rocky River (minor trib of the main branch in Medina) over near Lake Medina. When I can find minnows in there, I'll get some chubs, but mostly will get what I call river shiners. Depending on whether you're willing to take the drive, there are plenty of places in the Metroparks through Berea, Strongsville, etc. where you can access Rocky River and get all types of minnows, plus suckers, crayfish, and hellgramites.
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    litchfield has a bait shop on 83 south right before the railroad tracks on the right .
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    what's been happening Rich? Haven't heard from you in a while. went to Fla. for new years and will be out of a job in a few weeks. Lots of time for fishing real soon. Just may have to go south for the winter. Did you tag one yet? We still have a few weeks left.
  7. I know of 2 places to get live minnows in the Medina County area.
    Mumfords in Litchfield & Pats Bait in W. Salem.
    You will not get Emerarld Shinner at either of these shops.
    You get big shinners or Fat Heads.
  8. Pats has been closed for years as far I know . He died maybe 4 years ago or so. So I will have to catch minnies my self or head out to Mumfords I guess.Thanks for the reply guys and Worminator sorry to hear about your job so does that mean next Saturday were off to Shreve ? Give me a call and we'll hook up for some late bow hunting. Take care...........Rich