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  1. Your best hangover remedy other than not drinking.........Rich
  2. jeffmo

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    although i don't drink any more when i did the only cure for me was the couch,some good food and some good old movies.

  3. Fishman

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    Big glass of water and something small to eat before I go to sleep, when I wake up, a caffinated soda and a medium sized breakfast and I'm usually pretty good to go.
  4. A glass of sauerkraut juice. An old feller told me this once and I didn't believe it until I tried it. Works everytime!
    A teaspoon of sugar cures the hiccups also. Hiccups are caused by an acidic stomach and sugar neutralizes that. :D
  5. eating something extremely GREASY before you pass out or go to bed usually does the trick for me. best remedy i have after a marathon night of 'Drankin is to make sure i have eaten a big 'ol plate of GREASY biscuits and gravy/home fries from the local "all-nite" Diner, wash it all down with a BIG Gatorade, and take 3 ibuprofens. never have a hangover if i do those steps!:D
  6. LakeRaider

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    First thing make a bloody mary. Next go out to the shop and take a big hit of pure oxygen. Eat some breakfast. Nuther shot of Oxy. Toss out the bloody mary. It doesn,t work anyway. Commence to party again. ;) Raider

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  7. Fishers of Men

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    Sounds like that would give ya the beer sheeitzzz, and have to use a half a roll of paper to get the grease off. lol :confused: :D
  8. ezbite

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    there is NO cure......except maybe TIME. in my drinking days, when id wake up with a hangover, id just get drunk again. :p problem solved.:p

    bloody marys were always a good start to the day if i had plans. if not, heavy drinking would resume
  9. fishingguy

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    DON'T MIX!! Get yourself a good milkshake before you start drinkin, I drink a good vodka with water. If you can stand the taste, the hangover will be nill. If you can remember, take a couple aspirin before you pass out.
  10. 2talltim

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    well last night i polished off a whole bottle of crown and sweet/sour mix then proceeded to drink 6 buds...hit the sack at 1am or it hit me i don't remember much i woke up at 5am with an extreme need to goto the bathroom while i was up i took 4 Advil and drank a big glass of water and went back to bed....i got back up a 9am feeling like a million bucks...i think its funny because the wife wanted to see me suffer today and it didn't happen...noe exactly a remedy but it worked this time
  11. ezbite

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    its because you drank CROWN ROYAL and not LORD CALVERT or some other posion.LOL:p m ah yes, the old bottle in blue felt:D

    i forgot to mention, that i would drink dill pickle juice and would not have that queezy feeling any onger.
  12. alan farver

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    i agree with ez dill pickle juice works for me.also straight vinegar works too if you can drink it
  13. last night...... 4 shots of Jager, 4 cans of Bush light, pitcher of Amber Bock, pitcher of Bud Ice, and i went to sleep without doing the "greasy spoon" remedy before i went to bed. woke up with a pounding headache 7 hrs later:eek: . took two ibuprofen, drank a half gallon of cranberry juice, and ate a big order of super greasy (told them when i placed the order to make sure and add extra grease:D ) biscuits and gravy w/home-fries. an hour and a half later i felt like new again!
  14. After a night of heavy drinking, I always chug two 32 oz gaterade's. Woke up this morning feeling great! That remedy always seems to work for me.
  15. Wannabitawerm

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    The headache is caused by dehydration from the alchohol. If you drink 2 to 3 glasses of water before going to bed, the headache should be minimum. Most guys take aspirin with a big glass of juice or water and fell better. The aspirin makes it work faster, but its the rehydration that's taking care of the problem. Eating before does help as it slows absorption and allows the body to process it easier.

    Just as a side note, I'm usually too drunk, too fast to actually tell you if any of this crap works. And, to my knowledge, I've never stayed consious enough to tell you if it didn't!!!! :p:p:p
  16. Lewzer

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    A couple tabs of thiamine (vitamin B-1) and a big glass of water to prevent dehydration before you go to bed.

    "Thiamine plays an important role in helping the body metabolize carbohydrates and fat to produce energy."

    Alcohol is just a carb. It oxidizes to acetaldehyde which is what makes you feel like s%&t in the morning. The acetaldehyde is further oxidized to acetic acid which is why I don't understand why drinking vinegar would do absolutely anything.
    Also sugar doesn't neutralize stomach acid. It has no effect on pH whatsoever.
  17. 25 mg IM injection of thiamine.... 18 gauge IV with a 1000 ml of 0.9% NS and if I am feeling really queezy an amp of Phenegren. a couple of minutes of high flow O2 with a Non-rebreather and I am good to go.

    One major advantage of working on an ambulance!
  18. Lewzer

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    Seeing a needle coming at me would make me throw up whether I was totally straight, hung over or ripped.
    No needles for me man. I'll deal with the hangover.:D
  19. A good, swift kick straight to the nuts........makes you forget about a headache real quick.


    I usually take about 4 Extra strength excederin before bed - and that works wonders. I get migraines all the time and get headaches at weird times. I can drink 1 beer and have a headache the next day - or 15 and nothing or vice verse. I just take the aspirin before bed no matter what........and usually a pepcid to fight the heartburn from taking so much aspirin....

    i know, i know........i'm going to die from ulcers.

  20. Lewzer

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    Uh Oh. Looks like Fishnasty is back under another name.:p