Oil Prices - Just hit $80/barrel

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by cheezemm2, May 17, 2018.

  1. cheezemm2

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    At this rate, it's going to be an expensive summer...gas was approaching the $3 mark at places in Cbus yesterday. I expect it will be over $3 before memorial weekend is up. Time to do more paddling and less motoring!
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  2. “Memorial Day gas price increases” = redundancy. Diesel marching toward $4 already.
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  3. It's about $2.80/ gallon in NE Ohio.
  4. It was $2.99 this morning in Columbus, $.30 more than yesterday.
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    Still think that if the OPEC oligarchs want to charge such exorbitant prices for their petrol products, we should be charging them a matched price for things such as our grains like corn and wheat, etc. "You want $80 for a barrel of oil, it'll cost you $80 for a bushel of grain."
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  6. well we all new this was going to happen, and the real answer is its all about money ,everybody wants more.
  7. cheezemm2

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    This is something a lot of consumers don't pay much attention to because they don't drive diesel, but the trucking market has a shortage of linehaul drivers which is leading them to increase salaries and benefits AND they are having to deal with this cost. Consumer prices will eventually follow...Now the part that is maddening is realizing we're exporting our domestically produced oil when we could keep prices lower here. But in the end it's about profit.
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  8. Just cashed in on a stock as a result. Seadrill SDRL bought shares at .36/share just sold for .67.
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    I don't give this thread much hope of survival. Posts already removed. No politcs!
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  10. Agree...I was thinking to myself this thread isn't gonna last long when I saw the title...
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    It's ok to shut it down, I was hoping to talk more about the economics of the situation and things similar to squid_1's comment. While I don't like high oil prices, there is certainly money to be made during this time. Energy sector mutuals etc. are good places to look. Something about life, lemons, and lemonade and all that.
  12. That is an impressive jump in 3 days!! . I need to find some deals like that. Hope you had a bunch in that stock.

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  13. Their time of opportunity is limited. Their friends are limited, by their choice. Then they can drink sand.
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    Seems you didn't get the memo...please stay on point.
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  15. Solar stocks..... double whammy here. Tarrif by Trump and high oil prices. Solar stocks starting to move.
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  16. OK, I understand. Thanks for keeping a close eye.
  17. There was a time when this was a Fishing Site.:rolleyes:
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  18. OK well then, what are the gas prices like at the marinas?
  19. They were $3.25 last time I checked on the Internet.
  20. Good question and is the Marina open at Alum Creek yet?