Oil for 2-Strokes????

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  1. I have a Yamaha 150 2-cycle. I have always run the yamaha oil, 2-M. The prices are up to 34 a gallon. I can get other, west marine, penzoil, to name a few for well under half that that are twc rated and all that fancy talk. so the question is, am I stupid for buying the 2-m or are these other oils safe to run? I do troll with my main and ad ring free every tank of gas, but thats 34 a quart:(

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    whats this ring free? is it like seafoam? i just paid 30 bucks for a gallon of quicksilver oil. i now have a full 3 gallon tank. pretty soon the thiefs are going to start stealing your oil tanks too. i talked to a dude at gander about this and he said as long as its TCW3 rated (which they all are) it would be fine to run. i asked him if mixing different brands would hurt(i think it would gum) and he said he wont recommend that to me.

  3. Ring Free is an additive to keep from building up Carbon. It Yamahas additive. Every mechanic I have talked to has said to make sure to use it.
  4. I always use the same oil as the engine manufacturer (Merc oil in Mercs, Evinrude oil in Evinrudes, ect).

    If there was ever an oil related failure during the warranty period they couldn't blame it on cheap oil, for one.
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    Mercury Premium Plus (just paid $24 a gallon at Carquest) has additives in it to hold down carbon buildup. Seems to work for me (however, different engines will carbon up at different rates depending on internal construction/exhaust ports). I troll all day on a Merc 150 EFI 2-stroke, and it doesn't load up. I Seafoam my engines every 50-75 hours with a shock treatment, but do not add any other carbon treating additives at each fill up.

    The cheap WallyWorld TCW-3 does not have the additives that Prem Plus has. Will you need those additives? Depends on the engine and how you use it. Do you feel lucky...
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    I've been around boats my whole life and have owned them sense 1978 and have yet to have an oil problem.Like Workdog I run a Merc 150efi on my Taho Q3 ski/fish,however I get my oil every spring at BPS when the have it on sale during their spring event and get about three gallons.I also run Seafoam about twice a year and try and get good quality gas.
  7. I run a 91 Evinrude Intruder 150, the only oil I run is the Evinrude XD 30 (now $34 a gallon). I run Seafoam twice a year (sometimes more depending on run time) With my older engine I just don't feel safe running anything else other than what's recommended. I would also check your plugs every once in awhile to make sure they aren't fouling. I know its getting expensive, but IMO running whats recommended might just save you alot of headache down the road. The other situation I've been hearing more and more of lately is Ethenol in the gas! If you have a fuel/water separator on your rig, I would change out the filter on it after every season during winterization. Here again its just peace of mind. I believe Stabil has an Ethenol treatment on the market as well.
  8. I use Quicksilver oil found it at wal-mart for $22 per gallon and it is what Mercury recommends.
  9. Check around for a dealer in your area that sells OEM oil in bulk.
  10. I have done alot of racing over the years with two stroke motorcycles and snowmobiles and can tell you from my experience that Yamaha is a superior oil. It burns clean and your lower end(crank bearings) will thank you. Try shade tree in Middlefield Ohio, they are usually priced better than OEM dealers. The thing with 2 stroke oils is not to mix synthetic and natural petroleum oils they will clot. You can mix semi-synthetic with petroleum, but I would stick with one brand of oil. You get what you pay for.
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    penzoil from walmart... if penzoil can't make a quality tcw3 ,then who can?
  12. I'm putting the recommended oil into my brand new Optimax. I think there's better places to save a few bucks a year, even after the 3 year warranty period.
  13. I have used Pennzoil XLF (extended life formula) in my '86 johnson 70 hp for the last several yrs. So far - so good
  14. I have owned several boats amsoil the only way to go no loading up issues and check out your plugs after a season of running that sold me if your plugs are reletivley clean you can bet that the inside of your moter is to I order a case 4gallon at begining of the year 19.95 a gallon if you buy a 4 gallon case its also clames its biodegradeable after burnt in engin try it you will love it 225 efi merc 150 xri merc 135 merc 150 fast strike evinrude 200 evinrude 200opti merc 150 opti merc moters that have run this oil the optis seem to use less amsoil than the merc oil also