OHMC Nite Bite at Leesville...

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  1. Hello everyone. It's that time of the year again for the OHMC annual Nite Bite at Leesville Lake. This will take place on August 23rd. Registration will be at 5pm at the boat launch by the primative campsites near Clows marina. Fishing will start at 6pm and go until 7am Sunday morning. There will be a $5 entry fee per person for this event. Also, there will be a 50/50 raffle for this event. All muskie cards must be turned in by 8am. ( Whether you use the MAL or cards, the cards will be used during tournaments just for tournament results. YOU must send in your catch results yourself. ) We will be monitoring ch. 71 on marine radio and 17 on CB.

    Other than all that, Aaron and I will be at camper cabin #4 at the primative site Friday night. Feel free to come by and BS if you want. Also, I will not be bringing the club merchandise down with me. If you would like something, feel free to call my cell at 440-478-7838, and I will bring it down for you.

    Hope to see all of you there.
    Jeff Ferjutz, OHMC Board of Trustees
  2. Already have my gear packed and ready to go !!!

  3. See you there!

    I'm heading out tomorrow evening...be in the primitive campgrounds if you get a chance stop by.