ohio water levels?

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by yakfish, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. I was planning on going down to the ohio tomarrow morning but I'm having second thoughts after all this rain. we are getting hit hard here in the dayton area and I would expect the same down by cincinatti. is the water up to high now to be able to fish it? I will be using a boat. I'm about an hour away and with the rising gas prices I don't want to waste a trip down and back if its not fishable.
  2. got my boat running yesterday and was planning on going out, but that isnt gonna happen anytime soon. At Marietta it went up almost 2 feet over night! It's coming your way as I type. lol. Save your gas this weekend.

  3. Here is forecast Weds thru Sat.

    CINCINNATI w 28.9/: t 33.0 / f 37.1 / s 41.1 / crest 41.1 SAT AM

    I'd give serious thought to fishing local lakes for the next few days.
  4. Hey Yak, GMR and OR both got Hammered, the Scioto didnt get quite the beating we got according to the USGS gauges so there may be a slim chance of getting on it in the upper reaches. I am like you, planning on taking my boat out this weekend to the Ohio and its not looking good.....picked a hell of a week to be on vacation to get some fishing in....:mad: I spent all morning removing about 6 million ( give or take) gallons of water from my basement, blisters on both hands from brooming and squeegie-ing to 2 sump pumps that couldnt keep up.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: ( good thing I live on top of a hill-seriously)
    Now Im looking at spending more cash I dont have for a 3rd sump pump.

    Looks like Ill be doing that with the gas money saved this week.
    Good luck and be safe!

  5. Mark,
    Sorry about your basement, the river is going to be a mess, tonight is the LAST time for probably a week it'll be anywhere near fishable at Meldahl.
    I've got to thank God my basement leaks just a little, but not liek yours!
  6. i guess I'll try to find somewhere else to go. thanks