ohio state park camping help??

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  1. Hey guys, I am planning on going on a camping/fishing trip to cowan lake this friday to sunday with a couple of my buddies. Only problem is i do not know the age limit to camp at ohio state parks. All of us are 17. I went earlyer in the year and had no problems but they didnt ask to see ids or anything from us. So i am just making sure if anyone knows it would be a great help. Thanks alot
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  3. ya i have been looking all morning and havent found anything about an age limit. Might just call up there later today just to make sure.Thanks alot
  4. You might try calling a different park , just so you don't tip those rangers off where you're planning to go !!!
  5. No age limits - I camped at several state parks before my 18th b-day in Ohio and Kentucky (I moved out at age 17). I never had anybody ask me my age?
  6. thanks a lot guys i am just going to plan to go up there and not call since the rangers might know couple under age kids are coming up and then giving us SH** the whole time we up there. Worst thing that could happen is them telling me i need a 18 to be there what my uncle lives about 5 mins away and i could just call him. Thanks again guys i will try to get pics of my fish if i get any. Always slow for me up at cowan around this time