ohio state and who????

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by jeffmo, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. jeffmo

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    okay,who should ohio state play for the title??
    alot of the folks on tv are saying it should be lsu but with 2 losses i really don't think they deserve it.how 'bout hawaii?

    btw,the zebras were really trying to give wva the win.there were some TERRIBLE calls in that game.
  2. You are right about the bad calls!!

  3. katfish

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    Both LSU losses are triple overtime!
    I gotta follow the money.

    Ya can't be seious about Hawaii:p

    Kansas and Georgia may plead their case but more people will pay money to see LSU.
  4. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    no i wasn't serious about hawaii.i just meant that they had as good of an argument as anyone.
    as far as lsu goes i know their 2 losses were triple ot's but still,a loss is a loss and they've had 2 of them.
    it ought to be fun to see what the final rankings look like!
    win or lose i'm happy to see the buckeyes headed back to the title game.it's a big accomplishment considering what was expected from them at the start of the season.
  5. triton175

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    I think Hawaii has a good argument for getting in. Even though they didn't play any big name teams they're still the only undefeated team.

    Jeffmo, I totally agree about the refs trying to give the win to WV - That was just ridiculous. I was rooting for WV, so we could have a OSU-WVU champ game but they were just terrible, even with all of the refs bad calls.
  6. Looking strictly at the current ranking Georgia, but yet simply by when they lost there games they are ranked ahead of LSU who won the SEC and are looking up at Georgia, Im just glad we are a lock:)
  7. captnroger

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    I don't think I've ever seen a more terribly-called game. I kept waiting for their head coach to clock one of the refs with his crutch!
  8. A couple times the mike got a little to close to him during one of those questionable calls and you heard things you usualy dont on regular TV:D
  9. fugarwi7

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    As much as I don't want it to be, LSU will get the nod...The BCS committee needs to make the match-up as large as possible to make-up for the deficiencies in the system, and if they don't give it to a conference champion, it will not mean as much...I hope they still put Georgia or VT in, but I doubt it!

    I just hope Tressel gets the Bucks ready, since we don't need a repeat of last season, regardless of who they play. If we do play LSU, I hope we knock there di*ks in the dirt!

    And I agree with the ref's tilting the field and making some horrible calls in WVU's favor...just glad Pitt hung in there!!!