Ohio River Saugeye

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    Can any one give me some pointer on where to look for Saugeye in the Ohio River? I usually fish around Marietta, and know they will be at the dams soon, but until then, any ideas. Thanks.................
  2. Williamstown try the islands just before light in the morning smalies and saugs get on the rocky flats on the heads, an sand flats on the lee side. Please thought respect the duck hunters its just about time, for duck season. Goose should be out by now,,,,I dont know Ive been fishin in Michigan for a while!

    And for the dumb sons of$%^& who about shot my decoys,,(opening day) creeping up the river jumping geese I' have your registration #'s if you would have shot(like your helmsman said too) ,,,I would have shot back 10 yrds you should be able to see there decoys ,,dog ,,,and boat,, Plus the Hunter taking a pi$% on the bank. Thats bull^&^( your gonna kill somebody hunt,, like a man and Call them in!

    It can get heated on the river this time of year but just be careful and watch for the hunters...
    PM me for better ideas if you this close

  3. I would suggest fishing for sauger first off, as there are almost no saugeye in the ohio river(its genetic I have to be a smart@$$) sand flats with scattered rock hold alot of them but they are scattered this time of year. try deeper water 12-20 if you have a boat, classic lake patterns like trolling sinner rigs will work with the water this low, I also like jigging spoons and bladebaits. from the bank.. i can only get them in tribs this time of year in any numbers from the bank